Yoga Workout Tone & Burn ♥ Tools For A New You | PATIENCE

i believe patience is one of the biggest things that yoga teaches you because when we start in our yoga practice we truly have to find patience for yourself patience for your body to enjoy your practice its not going to be easy i mean your body is going to to be resistant to certain postures its going to be uncomfortable at times but once we truly learn to be pateint with ourselves, with our bodies with the uncomfort and understand that through patience this is how we are going to grow that is something that can translate into your everyday life there is no such things as how good you are at yoga its the patience and the understanding that where you are in your practice is actually where you need to be and theres no being the worst in the class because everyone just is at times there are moment in our lives where we want to be somewhere were not or we expect to have the results that we dont have and if we focus on that negative aspect of it that is when we start to feel depressed anxious or just unhappy in general but if you really focus on that idea of pateince and you translate it to into your everyday life you learn that everything that you have in your life is exactly what you need meaning everything is happening in divine order in order for you to be here now and you can only move forward so once we learn to accept where we are we create that space to move on there is going to be a lot of there is going to be a lot of frustration its that acceptance that you know because for every wall you hit its just a matter of time before you’re around it and then on to the next one but its never going to stop its just going to continue to come at you just like life its just going to be relentless that practice that moment is all there because its teaching you how to deal with that were all exactly where we need to be, its a journey and yoga, the reason it is a practice is because you are on that jounrey just like in life