Week 8 Day 2 // No Repeat HIIT Workout! FULL BODY HIIT + ABS

alright guys guess what time it is it’s
time for everybody’s favorite a no repeat hiit workout I know you guys love
these because they go by quick and if there’s one exercise that you just hate
you only have to do it once so that’s what we’re doing today guys 45 seconds
of work 15 seconds of rest we’ll get through the hiit portion and then we’ll
wrap things up with a no repeat ab workout there are 28 exercises to get
through today guys so let’s not waste any time let’s get warmed up right now nice work guys you powered through yet
another sweaty hiit workout with no repeats awesome job if you got through
this one today give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to share this free
challenge with your friends I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new workout see
you guys then