The Diet Secret That Was Kept For Years  II Best Motivational Video About Diet

The Diet Secret That Was Kept For Years II Best Motivational Video About Diet

have you eaten anything it’s gonna eat
grass like how you’re gonna be strong I bother fun for my third Olympic team you
know what I’m saying I broke two American records I warned the Pan Am
Games I’m saying man like I think I should have done this a long while ago
like why did not research this before then Kendrick wasn’t alone five thousand
miles away I found another strength athlete named
Patrick boom Patrick is one of the strongest men on
the planet with multiple world records including the front hold the keg lift
and the Lord Alfred one of the world’s strongest men
is their powerful eating only plants no needs no milk no eggs someone asked me how could you get as
strong as an ox without eating any meat and my answer was have you ever seen an
ox eating meat I stopped eating meat in 2005 up to that time it was 105 kilo and
now I’m 130 kilos also at the same time I said like for world records so when I
stopped eating Mead I got stronger and bigger okay yeah
really take care of your your back should really be straight at 700 pounds
I could not move the yolk at all it felt like it was bolted to the ground and
that was just his warm-up way it’s hard to fathom how strong Patrick really is
it’s almost superhuman when I met Patrick he was training for
the world record the heaviest weight ever carried by human beings to break
that record Patrick would have to carry twelve hundred and twenty four pounds
that’s the weight of a horse and distance it’s 33 feet the thing with the
yoke is if you really really go insane with the way when you do a step and all
the way to someone that sometimes feels like your bones could just break it’s
probably one of the most terrifying things that we do as from an events when made the ass step into the cage to
face Conor McGregor the Vegas oddsmakers had vs was the four to one underdog you just shook up the world how’s that
feel I’m not surprised motherfuckers it’s a bitter bitter pill to swallow it
was simply a bottle of energy in there and I and he got the better of that song
nine days out from the fight I started eating two steaks a day and it just came
back to bite me on the ass you know this was the greatest upset in the UFC
history and it turned out Nate wasn’t the only plant-based fighter out I stopped eating meat probably like
around the end of 2012 I grew up not even knowing about half of these other
vegetables asparagus to me just came out like five years ago I’m saying it’s just
like as a kid asparagus we never see that I was dead
Bryant Jennings is a heavyweight type of contender best known for going the
distance with Vladimir Klitschko one of the greatest boxing champions of all
time my early years growing up in Philly only thing we knew with spinach any cake
collard greens and Papas KFC made by a fried chicken most people say oh where did you get
your protein as if everybody does same KFC is looking at the back of a bucket
like here how much protein and yeah I don’t know so y’all know y’all really
don’t know what y’all eat I’ve never really thought about it like
that what else was in the food I was eating an experiment to help answer that
question was being conducted by dr. robert bogar co-chair of the NFL’s
Subcommittee on cardiovascular health what you eat immediately before an
athletic endeavor really can have major impact on how you perform there’s a
direct correlation between a meal and endothelial function the kind of feeling
is the lining of blood vessels it regulates blood flow throughout the body
it knows that a particular muscle group or organ needs more blood flow and it
dilates it opens up when the endothelium is impaired it cannot open up it cannot
blood flow to increase as much and therefore repairs athletic performance
the test subjects were three football players from the Miami Dolphins
defensive back Michael Thomas and wide receivers Griff Whelan and any fills today we’re going to be feeding them
three burrito breakfasts with a lot of protein
two of them have sources of animal-based protein and fat one is from beef one is
from chicken third is a plant-based burrito which has beans in it so the
protein when the fat came from a plant-based source tomorrow we’re going
to feed them all bean burritos we’re looking at the impact of eating a
different meal on the same people chicken here
thank you Griff has been plant-based for four years so he got bean burritos on
both days on away games we always eat fried
chicken we pop ice I love fried chicken I love Popeyes and I’m gonna pop lies
every time two hours after each meal the players had their blood drawn and put
into a centrifuge the red blood cells sink to the bottom an amber colored
fluid called plasma rises to the top if the plasma is see-through it means
there’s not much fat in the blood and the endothelium is lightly functioning
well Michael today’s blood and yesterday’s blood this is a plant
burrito this is a meat burrito look at the difference it makes and what
circulates in your bloodstream cloudy cloudy and that’s on top is the fat
circulating in your blood from they meet burrito guys Grif you’re the vegan
here’s your blood from today and your blood from yesterday
nice and clear both of them so the fat from the avocado doesn’t have that kind
of effect that’s right candy you’re the fried chicken guy
you want to see your chicken there it is that’s pretty gross to see sources of
animal-based protein and fat have a tremendous impact on endothelial
function that lasts for six or seven hours after eat so if you have bacon and
eggs for breakfast hamburger for lunch and a steak for dinner this is going on
all day long your blood is always cloudy and the
ability to operate it your best it’s always apparent I guess I will be in my
dr. Vogel’s experiment was backed up by numerous studies measuring how a single
animal-based meal can impair blood flow I also found a large body of research
showing that plants have the opposite effect
improving endothelial function and increasing blood flow controlled studies
show that simply driven beet juice before training allows subject to cycle
22% longer and benchpress 19 percent more total weight I’ve seen
Isis rate has come down to the 1,000 second sometimes you have to do things
that you know your competitors aren’t doing getting every single advantage you
can knowing I could get enough energy and protein is one thing but seeing what
a single animal-based meal could do to an athlete’s blood seal the deal
it was time to give this plant-based thing a try but there was only one meat
free meal I could think of can I get two bean burritos please thank you
when I went plant-based I thought that it would be a longer transition but I
just immediately started feeling like I could go kick ass and not need the
recovery in between it was mind blowing in my teammates they were tired of me
saying like let’s go again and again recovery is the most essential element
of an elite athletes existence it’s damage repair damage repair and you do
that over and over again because if you can do more work and more repair you’re
gonna be the better athlete Doxey was right bouncing back quickly
between workouts is a huge advantage for any athlete
but the idea that food could be the secret weapon I had to find out more