Nutrition News Tonight - 12 July 2019

Nutrition News Tonight – 12 July 2019

the truth is in the house good morning the truth good morning good morning your first then a luck good luck son you went first that's a good that's a good well hmm Elaine is in the house oh the Maison if you like salut Elaine happy said day morning Sara and do you I presume it's not Saturday morning where you are yet I'm sure somewhere near where I am in which case it's still funny night mmm scuse me um hunter is about good hunter nice good to see you Joe Conti oh they're rolling in boys and girls rolling in we'll get started with the live stream soon we're just waiting for anti poem to finish sitting about in the kitchen or whatever it is she's doing vain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 the fuck's going on 8 Jesus come on son oh it's hard to get good help isn't it Q God of gods in the house of course very nice to see you God of gods Patricia nice to see you welcome the lazy academic is here hey hey Lane is laughing what are you laughing for vain you were 8/8 in the house 8 thing goodness me did you hear that turn lane was 8 disgraceful yes disgraceful goodness yeah anyway helmet blisters here nice to see you helmet listener leaping frog hey hey hey hey boys and girls Simone Simone Mike good to see ya yes it's cold and wet in the South of Oz is it it's it's actually nice and fine and crisp really well not like that's not that cold it's it's just a little bit crisp here on the beautiful west coast of the South Island of New Zealand nice Sarah's never seen any of our streams goodness well you're in for a treat aren't you basically to give you idea we laugh we cry we abuse vegans it's good fun mmm Wow only well we say we abuse vegans but not not remotely as badly as they abuse themselves doesn't it wasn't do you know anyone that wants some really really clear evidence of the damage that big and he does just just have a look at what Richards been up to on my channel this week mmm so that's a sad story of why wasn't it boys and girls yes I think richard has finally lost his group and mmm anyway that's another story ah right so Patricia wants to know if you do a 15-dollar super chat will there be twerking pet Patricia wants to know if she super chats $10 will I twerk brute work there you go professor mistletoe Koya she'll do it for a tenner I'm a bit more expensive and I've richard together if it takes 50 $50 to get Richard to shake his fat lardy ass and watches fucking kidney fat wobble around and his triceps wobble around it's gonna take 50 bucks at least to get me to get my phone are shaking around anyway you're not seeing the money did you not get my cheek no any amount of money I think she's asking if I was gonna twerk yeah you're just passing it on to me though I thought I'd pass along to you but you can pass it on to Professor fluffy shit loved his work Oh have you got some platformed Tavor blood wound are to a black woman aah hmm in de Guiche int into bra ah right so everybody's here including vine who was eight for fuck's sake yeah I'm just beginning yeah it's time goodness me hey beautiful hey hey okay no you don't get it good I'm still hungry yeah you finished twisting about and to think about him doing stuff another noon mm-hmm was a kitchen preparation when it wasn't cheese ah well very important she had to eat some cheese boys and girls anyway no they're all here should we have the C we have the credits hmm yes let's do that oh look at that that's not even the right screen is it let's try that one that's better some people just got brought to eulogy you know some people hmm so oh yeah what he goes for our normal states on Friday evening oh she only a time said their morning sessions Sarah hasn't never seen one of his dreams yeah I was commenting on that just in just a few minutes ago and so he's a sight she may well lose all sorts of things like in mind his sight her illusions about the world yeah mmm you wouldn't know at some point caca yes excuse the clunk clunk for a minute there boys and girls clunk clunk clunk okay how's that perfect very good very good okay yes okay so um have you said everything that you want to say I'm not remotely I've never have said everything I want to say believe it or not what are you actually here boys and girls is the version that has actually been filtered mmm good yeah okay good morning Carol we love almost only honest as fuck is honest as fuck I hate everyone you're all bastards you're all counts every one of you not really we love you all Oh what's your opinion anything raw bacon um I I have done in the past for a deer or something at some time usually after having first drunk copious amounts of alcohol not bad I didn't get sick or anything I mean it's mm-hmm why would you it's it's crispy bacon is nice too I don't like it too crispy though yeah mmm yeah in a raw bacon good good now and then occasionally fine good so cueing like what do you think about the whole Frank course okay everybody I think that's followed this channel or indeed any of the cannibal commentaries for any period of time will know that I commented on this sort of topic some months ago called or caused a rift between Daryl Frankie and myself to the point where he's not really acknowledging my existence anymore and stealing my ideas for his videos yes I have the I have the proof I have the evidence of that he stole my ideas about grounding and everything he made a video from stuff that was mine even though it was freely available in the peer-reviewed literature and in fact did not belong to me Frank and you know good luck to you actually son if you want to make a video about any topic you like that's great some of us you know you you keep it you keep it real in terms of the actual veracity of the information anyway Frank's got a bee in his bonnet with me he had a he's pissed off with me because I told him that well I publicly said I didn't think what he said about dr. Paul Saladino was was right and and and unjustified I I basically said Frank I think you're in the line Paul of course is far too dignified and and qualified and has his own stuff going on there and had no reason whatsoever to either steal anything from Frank or indeed to respond to Frank at all and so he didn't respond to Frank at all so Frank got no bike from Paul so now what he's doing is he's taking his shot at someone who knows will bite back and by the name of dr. dr. Shaun Baker and careful Frank Shawn squash you of the stump son no problems at all Shawn's a beast of a man and yeah so basically what do I think I think Frankie is playing the game I think Frankie is trying to get clicks so I think Frankie is encouraging the drama for the sake of the drama to be honest I think Frankie has lost his shit I really do I think he's I think he's is off course and I think personally it's just my opinion I think what he's doing will be damaging not only to his own channel but also to the carnival community at large I could be wrong but that's just how I have seen it really mmm that's that one Steve thank you for the super chair sorry go on thank you Steve we're happy to be here oh wait I'm just saying if we're to show you the show of course good good yes we're thrilled to be here cueing Mike you said that and then Joe said if you guys ever want to come to Brazil remember you got a friend here I was super cool where do you live I'm curious I know a couple of people or at least one in Rio to go kick this heart in the house Hector start we love you hunter agrees with me crispy bacon Yee hmm so Bob did you see this G W study new from Japan and a link no GW can I click it you can't see the chat screen the time will come back when you close it off so what does the PDF say it says loading loading loading loading loading loading no experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change oh yes I haven't seen that one in particular but I'll add it to the list of papers that will be in my series of global warming videos which I will post the first of two patreon this week it's nearly done awesome good you Sarah says that she used to steal raw bacon rings out of the bin when she was such child delicious yeah there are nicer I do like the bacon rinds and the fact that sits under the piggy skin ears yeah I love it when it's rendered yeah it's like melting in your mouth and likes it cooked to the point of yeah rigidness who are the ones that cannot benefit from carnival diets Elaine asks nobody there is nobody who would not benefit by going on a carnivore diet probably pretty much unless you have like a one in a million genetic problem that means you absolutely can't metabolize meat for some reason or you're allergic to every single meat product in the world and which guys I just give up really you know yeah lots about friends yeah yeah Frank Frank really has lost the plot in my opinion Frank really you know is getting to the point where it becomes farcical he becomes a parody on himself I have spoken to not less than about a dozen people this week you have unsubbed to Frank's general because they've just have enough cactus are kicking off the ball they're very good thank you kicked aside a rock three pieces pin have you knowledge of GC mass you're good do you think it works I have never about that but that doesn't sound legit to me really sure where how supplying JCCC market hmm I do not want to comment on that because I don't really know where it is but it doesn't sound like it's something that it's what it says under tuned cactus that loves us mmm check this heart we do as long as the thorns are not there more alien whisper whisper Berg please has he continued tweeting or as he showed us fucking ignorant piehole now if he's stopped I'm stopping if he wants to carry on I will strip him off you no more strips and terms some more rustles so anyone that's seen him if he's still carrying I haven't seen it but if you're still carrying on let me know about it and I'll deal with it cool kicked it out thank you very much for the super chats I hear that some I hear from some that coffee breaks what the Fuji others claim it enhances it could you and want to pimp help I personally wouldn't need to look into that one I'm not sure of the answer off the top of my head okay so what would break autophagy is usually some sort of consumption of proteins so I don't really know but maybe you know maybe you're three grams of protein might just stop that process because it's enough for some people it might be more but but it can be a very small amount as far as I know coffee doesn't really contain any proteins I'm not sure why stimulation by coffee you know something would would do that so I can't I can't I can't imagine that it does that I would say it's safe I would say that you're getting a benefit from it still I have done three days fasts on like water fasts and bulletproof coffee fasts and the benefit I see from both of them are pretty similar but while I'm notice is actually strangely enough I am less hungry on the water fast but in terms of health benefits so I don't see a difference my gut feeling says that you can safely drink a coffee and still have efficient or defeated going on hmm you know what we're doing wrong today of course and we're not sitting here with a large bottle of brown so juice to go pon and boom fartin I don't think you drink soy go what's that Coffee is brown it's not like there's lots of it yeah there you go boys and girls I drinking coffee therefore I must have the bollocks syndrome as well okay thank you very much for the super chat yeah question so do you want to say anything at all no as I said in terms of the coffee thing I think becomes there really well actually I would need to look into it – that was just my educated guess that sounded great to me I'd quite a few that but I you know if more for more in-depth answer with reference to the literature is required do do sing out on the old patreon site there and we'll we'll do that as a consultancy for you sing sing sing along danke is that a super jet yeah it looks so silly um silly different colors oh there's a color scheme based on the dollar amount or pound amount blue blue the green the red gabe lord of sandscape thank you for the super chest even though it's blue even though it's blue make it bigger next time it won't be blue mmm gonna be yellow green green right so people just don't want to give up on this topic at all Gabe Lord of Sun scape says is honey at all beneficial not and unless you have a wound on your skin and you want to put it on there in which case great if you have a sore throat and you want to gargle it good stuff but in terms of nutritionally no well sugar sugar is sugar it has some stuff with it that's also you know potentially beneficial but you know then it's still wasn't what about you have a sore throat do you think that if you get high quality example god yeah I think I said okay yeah you know it's that's kind of slightly inside she doesn't listen to me I wouldn't either I was reading the chat see good but one thing you should not do is put in hot tea because then you kill it did need mmm good everyone was more Elin destroying everyone once more I learned as well as I say it has he been carrying on her as he showed us stupid ignorant fucking pile now as he as he worked out that he's outgunned and shut his fucking mouth if he has I'll leave him alone if he's still going at me then I'll go back let me know morning Leila Leila you got me on my knees Leila I beg you die early please Leila young público says I love raw bacon but not Indy USA I caught the womb from it yes you do need to be careful you don't want too many mind worms you know happens when you get mindworms you start believing all sorts of shit like veganism is good for you and drinking soy juice is good for you and you need lots of lots of carbs to produce testosterone because we all know that testosterone is made from carbs don't we boys and girls make the crackpot but is your cause sold out check out said it's full are you going to the right page my question that definitely should not good news good news if it is but I'd last last time we take not for know send us an email either one of us personally might my personal email was on my about tab or my channel here if you want to if you don't know what it is well sue me because I'm send it depend cuz she's in charge she runs the show she's typing in her email address as we speak into the chat window there you go there it is press ENTER and tell me exactly what page you're on and what it says because that should not be happening at all no it shouldn't no it's not not for the last time I checked so good we'd like it to be full that'd be great but it's not full okay okay yeah still people talking about Frankie good good actually I feel sorry for Frank because you know as I say I'm very fond of Frank I have a soft spot for Frank his heart has been in the right place in terms of what he's been doing he does have a tough life outside of you know what he's trying to achieve with his channel and stuff he's got a lot on his plate absolutely but he has lost the fucking plot entirely and he's now gone off off task really in a major way and I'd love to see him come back on task and and then you know as far as I'm concerned to be welcomed back into the fold but as it is and I'm pretty well done I know the Keaton mechanic has feels like he's done with Frankie Shawn will be done I would say Paul Saladino was done from the outside and I imagine you know there are only so many bridges you know and we are a community so good good and we're done with Frankie for now I am third time you go back to I'm reacting to what people say but they reacting to the first time you spoke about it which was a reaction to someone bringing it up don't a fight about us yeah go go sis I also just that you have seen showing Vegas with better health outcomes flawed um no I've said repeatedly that if you change from a standard Western or standard American diet to a vegan diet that will actually net you some health provements in the first three to five years after having done so the vegan diet is better than the standard Western or standard American diet for the first three to five years yes absolutely there you go mr. bombshell for you then of course after that there will be problems yes stay in show before it's in the house place change kg XL jaysis love your content on home fraud yes heavy fraud and then stench Henry Francis you know nothing but I am nutritionist and a vegan who is more yes yes of course stench your fifty 150 pounds two week online course definitely qualifies you well and truly ahead of me in terms of your knowledge of things and stuff you're right I know nothing to Nicole does freezing meat reduce nutrient content I'm buying half a cow next month and planning on eating it for the next six months Nicole you're not anything that's gonna have a major effect just pack it well so they does get freezer burned not sure it's a huge should do all nutritionally but no no no baby right good carry on as usual I wish I had half a cow yes nice Andrew hi did a beautiful pin and the benevolent but never a good description what have you been smoking and why haven't you been sharing it with us bioaccumulation on moles and pesticides in cows eating GMO grains and non-organic food is an issue yeah I could well be yeah absolutely I don't think cows should eat anything except what can should eat any more than I think people should eat what people should eat people should eat what they you know what I mean casually where they should eat them so should people people eat cows andrew ice wide shut what the fuck y'all what's wrong with you son Jesus how does it fuck up movie wasn't it that like this channel and reseed watching this channel was like watching Eyes Wide Shut so we watched Eyes Wide Shut me win what the fuck's wrong with Andrew Jesus son no good this is funny maybe though it's a bit peculiar it was maybe that's what he means probably because Tom Cruise is one of them saw intolerable adjusts and the cold came in too skinny for me too too skinny for you God she was skinny yes bro skinny all right cinch Haggard face still check advice like it good good yes what about anti-nutrients what about antineutrinos really sure maybe that is relating to the freezing nutrients freezing is not going to damage any nutrients anymore that's going to damage nutrients or if the the question was a specific one about anti nutrients and some way then ask a specific question please so that we can answer it for you otherwise you're just saying what about this though again great what about it enter nutrients are a thing mmm good Kiera says pin would hunger because back off the racing insulin no coffee would Maurice cortisol than insulin so it would be different thing but for me I think it's probably the fact that I make bulletproof coffee and put butter in it so that I supply some sort of energy source and when I take that away I'll get hungry and it's probably also a bit of am i learnt response because if we keep dulling the hunger with some butter and your body will expect that and it will keep looking for it so it doesn't necessarily have to be a huge hormonal response just how things work our bodies are very very fucking clever – clearly sometimes for what we're doing to them anyway yes having said that yes you could potentially if you have too much cortisol you could actually as a result get an insulin spike after a while but not sure that's what's actually going on mmm-hmm cactus heart says our chat is lacking the boobage to be compared to eyes bloodshot and it's also lacking the shitty directing and bad story the boobage beverage get you to tell and I didn't have that much in boobage tell you what a hundred dollars and just working in boobage has it from you this for me push them together okay how's great master treating use its mickey crackpot you're good so far yeah like it is cooking or warming food in a microwave-safe Venus asking so solid notes says I would tend to agree with short and there's no definitely proof that you need organs or grasp it me yeah I agree with that too absolutely yep these these people that run around saying you must eat organs otherwise you will get deficient the grass-fed meat I think grass grass-fed is definitely preferable because of its six three nine ratios you don't need meat at all you can survive quite some time with that meat don't wash your fucking mouth out are you hearing this how long does it take before you die on a vegan diet no bogey silver have fun with that oh my god so Richard is actually probably going to take this now I make a video on that mmm-hmm I was him yes but of course that would mean that he would need to be paying any attention to what I'm saying which is not and be he would need to have some cognitive function to realize that that was an opening for him and speaking about things we just told him he is a big loose opening isn't he fuck you talked yes I am now a slut just like Richard Burgess oh my goodness okay I got distracted here where were we who are we talking about Chris look at my ass and with the pencil distract any worried pretty much you know what he said before he said I would never do that on camera I think he just fucking did not for as long as VG but he said it you did it good job T why I find that my sweet sweat sorry irritates stings my skin recently like an acetone key to rush yeah eating very seems to have helped but they are pricey forgive me but I see no advice what's on B I don't need before I didn't really get the last bit of that the first but yes it can be and usually it's during a transition period on to Carnival rather than someone who's been uncountable for well he might well get that skin irritations arresting them from the sweat because your sweat can tend for the first little bit to contain more irritating type things in it usually it settles down if it doesn't and you've been countable for a while and you you're still having issues then you should definitely get yourself across the patreon and we'll have a consultation and we'll sort you out over there good doctor doctor says when stopped sugar intake isn't diarrhea normal yeah for uh for a day or two it shouldn't because your body is going what the fuck and you're changing you your you're changing the microflora that are gonna predominate because you're not feeding them sugar anymore the sugar loving ones will die off and the protein loving ones will start to predominate so there's a period we're in a balance and some of that is no more yes humanimal I'm sick of people wanting proof and studies about national diet yeah look people they're so sure we study show me started use don't fucking understand what studies can do and what they can't do people show me the soil and show me decide have no idea about science anyone that says like talks like that you can you can turn them off immediately just ignore them because they don't know what they are talking about science is an episode of fucking have 95% of all the peer-reviewed literature is not worth the paper that it's printed on if you bothered to print it so there you go there you go sold it nude yes the point is to get people to stop eating meat not to make it so complicated that they get intimidated by people claiming they aren't doing it right because it isn't breastfed or nose-to-tail I can't agree more with your soda dude many people want to make it stupidly confiscated and I can totally relate because I want to always know what's absolutely best how do I reach the best health I can but we don't really need to do that so yes you can t just muscle meat and it's fine if you want to do even better then sure maybe some organs would be good if you wanted to be an even better just do the grass-fed meat layers to everything we are game load of Sun scapes thank you for the super chat yesterday thank you well Amazon be filming the upcoming Lord of the Rings series in New Zealand no idea but probably oh it's beautiful here you stupid chat thing to get us stones with that question unfortunately we're not in the film industry well I am I'm at work star you know you a dick stick a dickster mmm hey first hear from aunty PIM you look very healthy says kg excellent Jay thank you very much yes I am my health is the best it's been in my entire adult life and indeed probably most of my life that order otherwise that was a sickly child yeah as soon as I sort of finally in my in my late thirties really worked out that the answer was to not eat fucking plants at all and to eat nothing but meat my health has absolutely gone through the roof yes everything is working just the way it should it's fantastic mmm next humanimal I love honey but it's just create sugar cravings first I love it with sour cream fat and sugar no no no go have a look at my video on the Randle cycle it's like what no no that is the worst thing you can do do not mix fat and sugar sugar with money and then sour cream in fact do just me fatty sugar yes in sour cream and don't make me come over there and sort you out human and will I will you know mmm naughty Tina calls this liver is great for skin health it anytime I get a break on my face I eat a bunch of liver and it clears up the next day awesome good it's good nice to know Alex speak why alcohol and caffeine both toxins are okay but a fruit is not okay is a subjective term I mean I have repeatedly said I drink way too much coffee I shouldn't be doing it and I should look at reducing my coffee intake it's really the last vestige of my bad habit shut the fuck up before you even think about it it's the last vestige of my bad habits and yeah so it's singing here it would be on beer and pizza I like pizza too I've always been a bit partial to a pizza yeah so it did distract him yeah there is no it's not okay it's just you know everybody has their own way they want to live their life and no one's going to point the finger at anyone so you did it wrong you know wrong how how you felt because you do it wrong look I think if if the worst thing I do is drink your beer and drink way too much coffee and that's probably a great thing but you know what you're saying about alcohol being a toxin is right caffeine is a toxin is right well well it's a toxin yes right but toxin meaning poison actually it's the dose that makes the poison so you know some things can be good at one level and poison in another for example oxygen but yeah they are both toxins absolutely and not okay in terms of you know optimal health and stuff are you saying you want excuse to eat fruit is that what you're saying in which case look if you want to eat fruit throw your fucking boots you eat as much fruit as you like and and we'll see you in hospital in a few years time when you're having a heart attack in your obesity the imagine that is going to be a fruity water a fruit of all yes fuck me I don't think it's a major problem for most people to eat a little bit of fruit a few you know if they're in season and you find them it's a problem when you eating a lot of them and obviously some fruits are wasting others because they have been modified to have as much sugar in them as possible but though did enough mangoes you can cure AIDS yes the classrooms at us moderate smell all right you're trying your best joke it's chicken or pork and better nutritionally I think on balance probably pork just again I wouldn't need to look into it more carefully but nutritionally exactly it's common loose question isn't there yeah I mean they will have different nutritional profiles but whether one is better or worse or not if you have a deficiency and something specific then you might want to choose one for most people I don't think it actually matters at all Mandy thinks I have a nice bubble here sing again if you like it then you should put a ring on my sing um we're not singing about something but something you didn't Bank on but there's a bomb yeah sorry wrong same thing same thing a different word wrong context yes how bad is green tea if one doesn't drink a lot of it yeah fine yeah no sorry you can't do that it's not a it's from a plant you did it wrong and you'll go to hell it's not really any worse than coffee straight to hell for that might even be better than coffee hmm do all right it's but can we do a song can we do a song so it's cagey xlj yes we can do a song email me and we'll sort it out right how to get good help Richard Bey just jiggling his ass cheeks is now the leading cause of blindness yes yes this oh dear they just literally watch the kidney fat go wobble wobble and in the triceps doing that with oh my god Richard really also gypsy I couldn't add you on skype from Monday consults have a new scope for years okay email me and we'll sort of it up my email address is on my about tab on my channel yeah and we will get there happening no problem cool sumo says what would you consider to be a high blood pressure that's detrimental to health well the ideal blood pressure is 120 on 80 anything above that either systolic or diastolic is probably not ideal long-term 150 on 120 is definitely you know not not a happy thing and case-by-case depends on a lot of things genetics lifestyle diet exercise you know bloody blah BP yes you believe 5g would be dangerous for our health yes and should we protect ourselves yes yes we should lobby against it it's a bad thing how do you protect yourself by lobbying against it government to a little or we could all start living underground in tin houses turn underground steel houses they yes you mean a lead box yes yes lead boxes on the ground good qdp felix frank lost 500 plus subs yeah that's what I'm talking about you know people do not want to see what Frank is doing at the moment at large but obviously those 500 didn't they still got 50,000 subs as far as I can tell so it's better-looking you maybe fuck who isn't oh that's very harsh you said it you're abusing my boyfriend fellow hunter are taking exogenous ketones ketones esters beneficial if meat only not IMF – oh god yeah no I think exogenously tones are ahead then there is very little decent inference anywhere in the literature such that is that would suggest that there is genuine benefit and having exhaustion as ketones and your diet and indeed the cost of them pool yeah you probably better just to take out dollar bills and set fire to them or send them to me and I'll twerk for you Jose Sanchez says cooked food ages people not so nonsense sorry nonsense go to Manson versus thoughts of fermented meat no it's also favourite topic you know I don't like it myself I don't like the idea of it disgusts me I'm not attracted to it others swear by I think it's great think it tastes good and that gives them a high but okay fine you know whatever gets you through the night honey really if you want to eat rotten meat you go for your life I don't I want it I want to eat it reasonably fresh right so cactus heart says the liver helped her immensely in a transition from veganism not just muscle meat and like it or not Frankie has a point about quality of me not just me to factory farm meat is horrible yeah I'm not saying Frankie doesn't have a lot of very good points Frankie does have a lot of very very good points Frankie is very knowledgeable in the areas that he has schooled himself in where Frankie falls down for me as a he won't listen to anyone who wants to help him he won't like he he once spent an hour and a half on the phone to me prior to one of his discussions with Richard Burgess so that I could prepare him and school him up and get him ready and he didn't listen to what I said to him while he did take on board some of the advice I gave him he didn't actually take on board the most important piece of advice I gave him which was Frankie don't have their discussion with Richard Burgess that's a mistake a ninety did he have that discussion with Richard burr to see he didn't head two more over the next two weeks following that and got carved up twice more again no good and you know and when I say things to him like you know Frank you don't want to take shots at poor silver denied here are some other guys that you know you should probably be taking a shot at no he won't be told he knows better I think every second question is about him there's a second answer so there you go actually what Frank is doing is effective it's getting um attention yes hmm so let's all stop – 500 subs yes and God of gods rule it all says not everyone can afford or has access to grass-fed meat Corinne is better than vegetables yes brain fed beef is still better than vegetables yes great absolutely yes there are many leaves to the onion mmm we onion people apparently 705 accepts subs Frank's lost in just three days sort of right now she says Troy says ice white shut this one of my favorites this hey joy it's fucking weird we've covered okay okay so the the smelly cunt from Chorley has unbanned cue god of gods oh there you go maybe she's finally realized that actually you know if she bans everybody that disagrees with her there'll be nobody left to comment except the five or six profiles that she has of her own pretending to be others right I think she should allow more people to come on her channel and say look shut up you smelly cunt from Julie you done mmm well you know every time I tried to read you come up with something sergeant fuzzy boots says well too long ago yeah and for five days of fasting macros day one 1,100 calories for six percent eleven percent forty three percent I'm not sure what's what they are fat protein carbs yeah day two they two two five seven hundred twenty calories 44 and 947 okay fuzzy number one Houston we I think we're done what kind of what version be the fats protein aspect only okay number one has the weather in Wellington I hope it's good as it is here on the west coast of the South Island it's very fun and sunny here today number two Jesus that's a complex question there that looks like a consultancy sort of question look it through that channel and we'll deal with that there's a lot of stuff in there there are a lot of threads to deal with and it all depends very much on your personal situation in your personal history what's going on and what needs to be happening next so just looking at it it's a roughly one hundred to twelve thirteen hundred calories with of sorry grams worth of carbs too much okay don't it you're out of the carbs carbs are bad glue what's worse for your body grocery store pork chops or a kale salad with olive oil the kale salad with olive oil is worse Sanchez says high protein level 250 grams in a day my weight is 63 can make feel tired probably not there will be other things going on that sounds like a consultancy issue get yourself over there delicious David says are you two completed carnivorous or do you both also indulge in some plant matter we're not perfect we're human beings we do transgress from time to time we try to limit our transgressions because absolutely the best the best results Oh fuzzy boots tearing oh sorry I thought you're in Wellington I'm thinking of somebody else Terran was great – I love Terra me has terribly today tell us about the tear on the wither what was I talking about before that we're not perfect we're not perfect yes we do I can't think I've had too many carbs lately or not enough mangoes or something yeah hmm well maybe I was just thinking about their twerking so he likes pizza and beer and I like the sweet stuff if I have it I like berries and fruits when I can pick it but now it's not very afraid season anymore so remember every time we're naughty and transgress we suffer it fucks us up because the human body is not designed for that kind of abuse and when you've been reasonably well carnivore for a while your body reacts quite violently when you do the wrong thing mmm it's not good sue complete set speakers start comedy from pin stock on today distort our day so it's gonna phone on stones Poland's picton Jim that was just for the Swedish people yes nobody else secrets mmm translated yes not Swedish then you're into good gent that's where I'm coming from what city ah good ok what's next what's next it's pasteurized milk bad for human consumption I don't drink milk at all pasteurized or raw personally and whether it's bad it might be too strong certainly it isn't good it's a neutral thing for me and I think if people enjoy dairy and think it doesn't good thing cactus has just been placed in the Hall of Fame of the donating that's not cactus house biggest donation ever to be fair but that was a good one because it was it was one that got the twerk out oh my god ABC IBC says damn bar don't turn me homosexual what's wrong with the air what's wrong with male him Hey I'll tell you what's wrong with me many things roar Simon Says what no chaps who the ass cut you mean masseuse I'm sure says hundred dollars for that discovered my new job exactly jay-z isn't it when you know what you're doing mmm good I think male strippers could make some good money mmm do you love me that's your cue that year you oh my goodness rules boys and girls has anyone else heard that song do you think I'm great yeah yeah yeah do you really like me yeah yeah would you like to see my nips do you really show the leather trousers more sister we really want to see the front Oh cactus heart says you're blushing but that's precious precious and he did I don't think heavy no good what a relief it's clear you're on carnivores you don't have a surface sorry I have as fat as an ass as vegan gains who's so overdosed on soy that he's getting a womanly figure I've got bitch tits for sure yeah cactus heart do you need a boyfriend this one – cactus heart yes something is telling what I do you have shaken it from one before well you know work it buddy mmm are those pants breastfed I don't know they were purchased in the United Kingdom and a lovely little seaside village called Whitby Whitby in the northeast of England one Christmas a few years back yes some good noses does anyone find a strange stench it literally looks like he's turning into an ogre is a growth hormone why does he look like he's turning into shrink yeah yes I had noticed yes sugar antidote kids since they're always hmm how much does it take to get part but on a pole-dancing $200 I thought you didn't dance at all and where are you gonna get the pole from it's probably more expensive than that I've got one ready here swing play the dog says Stefan play the dog how bad is whey protein isolate and milk powder I use it sometimes in kita baking think uses honest as fuck what do you think on that on filly problem is with whey protein isolate isolate its processed and milk powder you will get an insulin release from that I don't think that's my deal and that's the problem with all processed food even proteins yeah you meant to process it yourself in your body you meant to break it down when you eat it already breaking down we're gonna take a different response on fraid bigger you'd be told ooh or says hi bot I've been carnival for seven months and since also good job are you suffering from scooty yes have you died obscure yet this what happened you know boys and girls if you get countable you'll die of scurvy and because you're not eating enough mangoes you'll be days and you're too nice Kubrick was trying to expose secret societies and corporate agendas that and Nichole's beauty equals Pym Tom Cruise's handsomeness equals but ok now we know Andres been smoking some fucking yeah can we have something on some of that shit please no kick this heart thank you for the super chat again Nietzsche is looking like Shrek only and that financial lamprey he calls a wife looks like Harry Potter this should side gig for kids parties huh God would you let it either of those anywhere near kids he wants to stomp babies hinge he's a baby hit stomping he says so in his videos anyway thank you for the superjet you rock I since the bathroom coming on oh yes one point but did you see Peter at es sweet sorry sweetie the tweet yesterday this missing lectins as an issue dr. paul mason politely challenged him on it thought you might be interested I like Peter but sometimes I think he's wrong no I didn't see that but I'm like well just waiting on to that one cool I'm speaking at speaking of dr. Paul Mason he will be appearing on this channel in time to come we're just organizing a date and stuff and getting it sorted so stay tuned for an interview with dr. Paul Mason yeah we'll be talking about father funny enough cool I'm writing you're writing what are you writing stuff about Paul Mason yeah good I'll carry on doing your job then what do you do writing okay good hunter says coffee is good and he's right hunter until coffee is good also gypsy as if you don't tell anyone they're doing it wrong mmm so make the crap boxes but recently I feel like my body and my semen for example is much stronger and healthier I ate loads of fish how do you know that your semen is stronger yeah yes please do tell us more about your semen that was weird mmm good what's next Richard likes to talk about his semen on his channel perhaps you could go over there and eat mangoes and talk about semen which it may crack what said something rich is obsessed with semen we go I'm trying to find broken again good make the crap what do you think it's the fish yes we're talking about the semen and the body mmm-hmm shielding it on some and Boland says Robin Oh mm-hmm yes it is as round as a ball you're right it's not flat like a pancake you fucktards give Liholiho good do you use any supplements yes just one personally I take a product which is designed to encourage my bone marrow to release my own adult stem cells those that are denoted a cd34 plus those then float around in my blood and differentiate into brand-new adult cell lines replacing tissues and my body that are in need of repair or renewal and they do that with full-length telomeres so good that's why I'm getting younger among other things carnivore diet stem cell young yes younger and stem cell product which is very good you can find out more about that on a video on my channel called stem cell nutrition opportunity it's one of my older videos but it's still still good information and you'll find a link there that you can go and find out about that secondly to that I take another supplement which is designed reduce inflammation in the body it is an extract from a blue-green cyanobacteria it is a blue pigment Smurf blue which is really good and then third when I take on a reasonably daily basis as well designed to dissolve and break down fibrin deposits in the small vasculature thus allowing sit stem cells to get to where they need to be to do what it is they're supposed to do all three products from the same company all available from the link which I have posted under the video I mentioned just previously new stem and cell a nutrition opportunity go and have a look after the last ring boys and girls they're very good that's the only supplement I take on a on a regular basis at all 3 supplements give 3 yes no I don't I used to take d3 and k2 I haven't done it since I moved to New Zealand because I've had a lot of sun exposure we have something here and well we had some Nelson yes not sure maybe I'll have to go back to that at some point Nelson or the Sun that's what equals the Sun yes Nelson is sunny they go that I meant the supplementation good right Stefan W says a blue light filter on my tablet has really reduced my headaches thanks to you guys awesome yep good that's real good yeah thanks for you crazy man you xxxx brilliant couple x axis mundi Beddoes thank you very much mandy mm-hmm who is the crazy one you're crazy man and we're bringing a couple I like that cuz I'm not crazy it's their problem with rancid fats yes there's a huge problem with rancid fats you really really really really don't want to do that yeah it stay away from their tirely we should stop calling me a pig and weight gain yes by everyone thanks payment bob says Humana more I guess you're already gone because this was probably 15 20 minutes ago y'all come back you hear Steve mental says I like pig ears some people think that's strange you know what I ordered some but I never got them and soda you can do also some delicious things with him that I wanted to try said one day one day I'm gonna try them when I can get hold of them but these were nice free roaming ears imagine that okay lettuce hello toxic yes okay so purposes factory farms are not all bad I don't have a feedlot but they do have their place and can provide benefits to the livestock mmm yeah and look if if anybody knows about farming it's a puppy the puppy knows all about farming and farm practice and environmental things and sustainability I'm still actually keen as a puppy if you're keen we should have a chat on the channel about such things actually and also as a puppy has a very good channel of his own so after you've checked out the stem-cell product you should probably check out as a puppy and go and sub to his channel too it's good sacré me what's your view on those magnetic sleep pets claiming they reduce inflammation 20 course yeah I would sooner see someone connect electrically to the earth than to use a purely aesthetic electromagnetic field I'm not going to dismiss it entirely I'm just gonna say probably not quite as effective as electrical grounding / earthing Stefan don't W still on how I am a man do you to jog or go running no new new new new in fact if you see either one of us jogging or running you should start talking and running to close that means something's chasing us well we have done some HIIT in the past this in running form unfortunately running isn't my cup of tea hmm but there you go yes well but do you think we can see more debates with you and vegans like Mick berry boy fatty gains in here okay so on a case-by-case basis I'm more than willing to have discussions more than toupee debates they're actually these are discussions that occur and there should probably be referred to as such oh I'm happy to talk to anybody pretty much accept the fact come from Charlie Peter because I don't want to give her any fucking one light really and this you know she wants to completely change her entire attitude to life yeah happy to talk to anybody but not many of them want to talk to me funnily enough reason being mostly they'll give you all sorts of excuses as to why they will do it but actually what it is is they know they're going to get absolutely fucking carved up and because I actually know some science and shit mmm gossip gods men generally creates all this next one female crave sweets something else crave the salt to God of God's goodness move on yes sick and we this agreeing with me and agrees that it's better to be in the countryside what is the fuck think the swedish sounds are wonderful yes really yes you should be happy I'm not from Finland mm-hmm that shit is probably very hard to speak holy crap I'm never gonna try it really Zack any progress on getting dr. Poole Mason to appear on the channel yes just cover that yes talking of dari moon soap how to address the vitamin k2 or will muscle meat be enough muscle meat gives you all the nutrition that you need there are no deficiencies eating nothing but muscle meat the ADI eyes are wrong nonsense that pulled out of someone's ass for a full description of that go and have a look at a video where I mean I'm having a lovely chat with very lovely Layla cause now we talk about such things you'll find a copy of that video on her channel as well as on mine don't watch it on her Channel and some while you there for goodness sake it's free free free I told you scooter boy yep I grew up with hinge head before in Norwich he's the lost of big time yeah he's a fucking idiot he's an absolute crackpot he's a clown he's an ignoramus of the highest order he's an arrogant fuck and he's a soft pudgy fucking soy boy there you go yeah okay so could you in a succinct way explain as if I was a six-year-old how the body itself produces carbohydrates yeah absolutely pretty much what happens is your liver has specific enzymes in it which allow your liver to basically chemically change fats or indeed proteins into sugars and it does using chemical reactions the magic of chemistry yep happy is that enough for hmm cool I mean that's perfect if you genuinely were a six year older that's probably better I'd stop I'd say look it's this chemistry going on you your body is a chemistry set it's got enzymes that change things into other things great oh my god yes Oh see get success on that no worries fluffy okay oh she's sleeping in the bed leave early yeah don't um okay I know there's someone earlier said something about frying spuds in Lord is better than soybean or maybe you want to talk about that for a second one probably probably minute just to eat the lard and you know mind the spuds yeah the fact I want to eat spuds for yes what's next okay people seem to like Paul Mason if Paul Mason is great I'm really looking forward to talking to Paul about fiber and probably some other things too but mostly about fiber he is away to Europe soon for a few weeks and he said that would be a good time to have a chat so will be twelve hours out of sync with each other what the fuck we'll get it done I mean mind if I have to get up early in the morning or something to get that wonder well with it Congrats on the hundred plus viewers 100 101 people watching right now is so much in this bloody chat yes you're chatting too much and asking too little yes oh permaculture page and mist you're twerking hundred dollars or do it again Patricia will success I really love avocados do you think I should try to keep a specific ratio of Omega nine you look I think the odds of Accardo here in there is not gonna kill you stone dead and three seconds flat obviously it's not ideal because avocados contain a couple of things that are not good for you one of those is Viper the other one is a ratio of omega 3 6 9 which is not not ideal but I don't think you know of all the plant-based things you could eat I don't think ever codes are remotely the worst so yeah I'm not saying fully boots up need all the avocados you want I'm not saying that at all but what I am saying is we if you eat enough mangoes you can cure AIDS Richard Burgess 2019 goodness hmm I'm gonna go there on this I have a question regarding one-on-one consultation this 20 page but I didn't understand if the price is for a month or if it's just one time I need advice from my pregnancy diet okay on my patreon and also my subscribed star which are both parallel offering so it's an either/or choice you can join the consultancy tier which is 50 dollars per month for as long as you want to be on it you can jump on and off at any tick of the clock you can be on it for one month if that's all you need you can be on it for six months if that's what you need or you can be on it for the rest of your life and that'll be fine and for the $50.00 us you will receive up to give or take two hours of face time on skype with myself where you can ask me what my opinion is on all manner of things of which our next button and I will render opinions on what the science tells us I don't give medical advice per se obviously cuz I'm not a medical practitioner but what I what I do have is a vast amount of knowledge in the area of biochemistry human nutrition human performance physiology those kind of you know things so that's what you get you get up to two hours where you can ask me pretty much anything I'll give you you know the opinions on it and yeah I don't know if whenever you like so you just you know you sign up using the credit card and then when you want to cancel you do easy access what do you know about real life therapy are the benefits overblown red light therapy is a good thing I don't think the benefits are overblown per se but I don't also think it's an alternative to a healthy active lifestyle eating a corrector diet for human beings I think it's an adjunct to that if that makes sense you have the audacity to thumbs down this cue a you will be hunted to yes will find you funny man yes don't you make us come they're not entitled to your own fucking opinion or opinions thank you know if you don't think like but you can get fucked that's a good fact I hope the five peas in you yes sorry thank you we love you fuck P doesn't like it when we say fuck Monica a on this I feel having a hard time with blood pressure but don't eat carbs that's in – oh yeah we need more information and that's probably a consultancy issue please people don't give us your medical history publicly on here you could embarrass yourself almost embarrassing as big in games doing twerking for $50.00 for goodness sake Richard it's worth a hundred when I do it anyway when you do it you should pay everybody that had to sit through that hundred dollars each right but yes do you still do anything yes I am trying to put together a mat or something for sleeping thinking of copper foil tape on the floor with a wire and grounding plug to a socket could wear sales pretty complex but it could work Sabrina h-hi bottom pin are the best collagen sources for anti-aging meat and connective tissues bone broth bone broth is good a good point oh well made bone broth is good my standard answer for that question good and obviously with as much connective tissue on the bones as possible and not just plain bones if you have bones leftover from a roast chicken or something that's not gonna be a lot of collagen left on there so keep that shit on Alex PK says I eat pork feet it takes a while to cook them properly but they are a great source of collagen yes yes cool photo great chicken feet shuttles these what do you call it wind pipes thing is track ears chicken necks that sort of thing but chicken feet are probably better than the next collagen yes excuse me she knows – you did good what symptoms do you get when you eat plants personally or in general I think stop with your personally and then go to general I become inflamed my mental health goes off I get acid reflux my skin gets bad my fibromyalgia returns I get shirts random shooting pains other than my ogia like over and above in my ogia I don't sleep as well a stink that doesn't have to do with the vegetables we pulled your fucking chain yeah right of me it's rotted is why don't I do that for boys and girls yeah and anything else I forgot lots of things happen at all tends to custard pretty much first of all and says I had chronic back and joint pains fatigue brain fog skin problems all went away on a carnivore diet mm-hmm yep but that's a story we've heard many times yeah many times premature permaculture pagan says I have been craving the crap out of cheese lately itself just keep in mind that they are I mean it's nothing wrong with eating cheese probably unless you're not doing well on cheese but they are like Kasem whorfin in there which is kind of addictive same as yeah probably glued to your morphine gluten which is actually something from guiding anyway and so on so they could be all sorts of things good good cactus art has been creating fruit yeah mangoes are the way to go yes then you can cure your AIDS if you have it hmm yes hey but help you well what do you think about cured egg yolks for a camping trip I am well thank you and I had pins on how they cured really as to no neither depends on the curing methodology as to whether that's any good or not so see Christy mm-hmm yeah mr. Pegasus I did eat a bunch of grapes the other day and gave me a hella stomach ache laughing my ass off they were black grapes that is so damn tasty mmm again you know you can react I don't react in fighting the urge for great foods fruit and berries okay mmm great fruit and berries both very high in oxalates ideal thunder beam its nose-picking indicated in the literature probably somewhere you can find almost any illusion you want in the literature if you want to look for it yeah cactus fart is really proud that she managed to get you to push good for her growing old not so gracefully says so the questions aren't taken from these comments yes they are yeah there's some examples for answering your question right now pema's behind what you're seeing on the screen there because she's searching through to find the questions that she wants to read out and answer and stuff I don't want to miss any quest we don't want to miss anything and that's you know we go through and by the end of it we would have caught up maybe hmm we don't obviously read every single question either there may well be one of your questions must the best way to make sure your question is not missed is to superjealous and if you want me to shake my ass that'll be $100 things mmm people want to send me $100 all day I'll shake it all fucking day round adores every time might get a bathroom quicker that way yeah hey keep it you keep up the cheek you might get fuck all frankly mmm okay whatever I'll take it God's of God do mangoes cure herpes too oh I'm sure they probably do yes they do definitely so puppy says that you are the cheapest fuck for two hours I am its I mean it's crazy it's it's ridiculous that you know someone of my standing in stature and the scientific community despite what that come from truly would think about that the fact that I that I would charge so little is as crazy it won't last it simply can't last my calendar is getting fuller and fuller every week they will come a point where I'm just going to have to say look I'm sorry boys and girls I cannot continue to offer myself so cheaply so if you want to get in while the going is good I would say the time for that it is yesterday yep they missed it there make it today then rent how much salt is needed for carnivore eating how much salt is needed that's a very individual thing based on a whole bunch of things really activity levels ambient temperature the particular makeup of the carnivorous diet all sorts of things sexist why is it claimed hanging upside down to decompress the spine could cause a detached retina because they're vastly elevates the blood pressure in your head mmm-hmm so start slow not completely upside-down maybe you're good progressively yes and and you know limit the amount of time you do it for growing old not so gracefully as light doesn't want to get fucked hmm we said either you like or you get fucked very good very good awesome sacré me hanging upside course it's low sperm count Richard Burgess to this moment good good good what are your favorite meats beef lamb pork ribs ribs chicken comes in fourth I do like what a fish not as much fish as I should have but Lewis ocg up say thanks for the super chat so freaking exciting I have a consult book also yeah you got it done awesome I'll see you whenever there is when my calendar will tell me when it is automatically at some point later good good looking forward so miss pagans this again after racing livestock I can't bring myself to eat the feet do you eat fish Bach yep just come with that I do have a bit of fish but not as much as I should Otis axis as a vegan even a mild winter felt like torture to me always so cold yeah okay so it says that we started stream a later this week has someone has a change in the hours maybe you guys had a change we didn't have it we didn't have a change in no we started at the same time New Zealand time as usual Boyd gravity is about eating supermarket eggs no eggs eggs eggs pretty much I mean the thing that that mostly affects the quality of the eggs is what the chickens are fed I think and how much antibiotics and shit they get fed yeah but you will have an increased amount of different retinols and things from free roaming chickens that eat bugs and stuff yeah no problem bit more nutrient dense eggs are good are you confident it's always good the many mayor's success do you agree with Jack crews on sunlight DHA etc largely mostly yeah notice eight is olive oil and olives high in oxalates I found conflicting sources of information regarding olives I believe it varies from source to source in terms of the particular olives concerned and stuff and the extraction method as well yeah can mango salsa help with erectile dysfunction I'm sure I'm sure yes mangoes are mangoes are miraculous apparently according to Richard business but PIM thoughts on Arnold shielding for veganism I think he should shut his ignorant fucking mouth I don't even know how far to Niger shooing yes okay yeah he's right he's fronting a video of a movie that supports veganism right are not talking about veganism being the way to go for fuck's sake what a fucking hypocrite he's built his career on eating meat mm-hmm and now it's just eating meat cocksucker yeah hey guys what's your thoughts on shellfish and the plastic in the ocean also Fukushima plastic is bad I'm good a radiation of the ionizing kind that comes out of Fukushima bad bayit good shellfish can concentrate such things down here in the southern hemisphere and the Oceania region we're very lucky we have quite low levels of toxins in our ocn so we can eat your fish with impunity right I remember you saying that you just wrap a wire around your foot when you ground this I would think the more surface area you have in contact with the ground the better do you agree no doesn't matter what size the surface area is it works if you are grounded you are grounded electrons are very very fucking small very small it's like they are a point particle they have no physical dimension at all meter is this what do you think about Cole Robertson and pee pee drinking I'm gonna reserve judgment on that I wouldn't do it myself I don't think without some pretty good reason to do so like being stuck out in the desert somewhere all over you are not top online and that sounds pretty finished to me what do you think about duck breast that's where this big finish I don't know how you say that tar tar one line and I really enjoy about a duck I think Ducks great it's it's very young it's much more fatty it's much more sort of gamey it's a reader sort of meat yes I've always enjoyed a bit of duck breast Eli the signs ago assess you will shake that smooth ass 100 but only 50 for valuable advice not bad exactly all right I know I'm killing myself here you like killing myself does fasting fuck up your endocrine system no no opposites exactly it fixes it up that's a hard reboot is Control Alt Delete for your endocrine system your immune system your auto AG system and a bunch of other things everything pretty much factory reset after one because you don't have energy to keep doing whatever you doing so you will go down just do what's most necessary pretty much yes and that is usually a very good thing from what I have read the feet conduct the best I guess that's with regards to grounding your feet hands anything that has a higher concentration of sweat pores obviously you know fluid connection it's better than dry skin should get to safe the ex vegan on foot chat that would irritate the vegans chronically like more than I already have been hmm how do i how do i rotate the vegans more than i have been already please do tell me Tim shieff okay I'll ask him you write that down there's Tim shieff my dad – yes – hmm Jafar says oh no I slept in the mist most of this good a demon Bart good morning jeffer how is it in sunny perth western australia today it's very lovely here on the sunny west coast of the South Island we have sunshine which you know is nice it's a bit chilly but there you go we have the cold burner going so we're contributing to keeping the environment as warm as possible it's good apparently the longest name in the chat this gusto piotrovsky Tenorio dos santos says holy shuttle God fool that's you beating me almost but like neo Genesis be activated without carbohydrate intake can Lipper neo Genesis be activated without carbohydrate intake yes yeah all you all you actually need is to induce inflammation if you induce inflammation that'll do it because it will lock things what about eating way too much meat in one sitting yep why too much protein will do it as well that will let will alone then we'll instigate the pathway the other way you can do it actually directly without consuming any carbohydrates at all as you can consume a large bolus of citrate which will have an effect well I'll have two effects one it will up regulate fat production and two you will get the screaming shirts mmm good what's next I know no mouse says so this dream starts a 7 p.m. est that was my plan of like this what what was correct it was a living a.m. New Zealand time Saturday morning which unless you guys have changed from daylight savings is 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard daylight savings time hi Shelly welcome to the channel just king high but what do you think about mercury toxicity being the root cause of many autoimmune issues quite likely yes mercury is bad I'm good okay good general Oh cook eggs better than chicken don't know can anybody shit something on that can you I actually have no clue I can't see why possibly because ducks don't generally get poisoned with antibiotics and drugs and shit yeah but if you have your own ducks and your own chickens mm-hmm do you really think there would be a huge difference we get ducks as well shouldn't we could but then we need a pond go on little fish pond that's we just need a bigger dogs need miniature ducks this under says I'll take you guys fishing if you're in Wellington I would like yeah yeah that's cool I love fishing just need to get to the other side of there this dream yes swim Jafar says spot tricking guess I'll have to watch the replay I wouldn't I wouldn't bother the fire was it was pretty horrific it to be fair miss pagan says duck eggs are way better I don't even eat chicken eggs anymore I don't know why tell us why yeah give us some swing I think they taste a little bit of difference in the taste and okay I like lamb brains from New Zealand simmered in butter unsalted nice yeah I know new Mouse s duck eggs taste awesome way more expensive where I lived then chicken Exeter yeah they usually are Arnold still eats meats I guess he's trying to still be relevant and virtue signal I don't think he has any virtual there's a fuck about anything except his bank balance frankly miss appearances Ducks make way better free-range animals to Chika's destroy everything okay that's good to know maybe we have to get some socks and a pond yes no money well we've got the fucking stream at the back of the property but I think I run out there our ducks contained yes keep our ducks in a row but how many mangoes does hinge have to eat youthful again oh my god a whole mango orchard yes okay Alec Speaker I have a Geiger counter which I bought at the time of Fukushima I've yet to find fish or shrimp or even seaweed that is more radioactive than my living room cool okay well in that case I would probably move house good now that's interesting nice to know good good information yeah make the prep book but I really enjoy your company can I see more of you and pick which parts would you like to see Mick it's gonna be $500 oh my god please please please please please don't do that you take the 500 Oh will you ah you hung up with the finished last name says don't worry of him you said it a lot better than most no okay the questions swimmer's has just got ourselves some egg-laying Chuck's right now they can't eat all the veggies in our garden that we don't touch it awesome good step turn your veggies into meat awesome good oh my god miss Piggin so I have a diabetic coworker that's doctor told her not to be too Duke eater but because it will destroy her heart what are your thoughts on that I think that doctor needs to be struck off deregistered and never allowed to practice medicine again that is fundamentally incorrect information it is totally false as dangerous misinformation and that doctor is an absolute crackpot clown right I'm no new Mouse – cactus hearts this definitely seems to be it seems like a total nutjob what's she an ex vegan definitely is an ex vegan and she's also a flat earther executioners how long should you fast what if you have a migraine so I guess it should be migraines that are only fixed by potassium salt balance usually eating beef or drinking milk fixes it yeah okay you need to consult that's a consultancy issue the address is at the bottom of the screen slick juice hmm where potassium in if that is your problem so next next I'm trying to find the next good NeXT's ha la susa's yeah there are many flat earthers around the globe thank you really mix things about fasting and thought it costs stress and growth hormones and shortens your life absolute nonsense rubbish it causes stress especially initially and that way when if you're only fasting for a day and you're not used to it you might get an inflammatory response but if you hang on there you will get the opposite effect because it's obviously something that is acutely stressful for your body however long-term it is not it's entirely positive I think anyway I'm not sure why I would shorten your life it doesn't no buts what would a theory behind that be an ideology sounds legit hmm it's just rubbish it's nonsense next yes let me find the shit yes find your shit duck eggs have a fat higher fat content good there you go higher protein cholesterol and all that they are quite a bit larger – yes good good so the live stream surpassed fun than watching previous recovers like 60 70 now I've seen 80 something anyway it's good it's great fantastic and also you know the the the stairs no fucking questions the subs are rising which is nice keep them rising keep them rising make sure you do link the channel and videos and things on all your social media boys and girls do shut the fuck up the channel for us that's good yes keep it up miss pagan I'm slightly allergic to chicken eggs even my free wings chicken free-range organic fermented the grain fed birds yes that's probably quite common and especially since they are including part of eeks in vaccines and I think that has this Punk relation with their ecology is developing at some point lately things so should be shaking my ass second one has I don't Laila you a Nutella Jim what's wrong with you okay so if citrate can induce flight Borneo Genesis yes lemon and some other citric fruits can possibly do it but on a carnivore died basically if I overeat then I can induce it as well right yes but you're very very unlikely to overeat on a carnivore diet because your body will give you the hormone signals that has fallen and doesn't want any more food thank you very much that doesn't happen when you abused your body by feeding at plants and carbs and things especially when that's mixed also with fats there you go miss Peggy says ducks don't need a big pond just some fresh water a stream would be great for them we've got a creek that runs straight in the back of it properly all we need to do is put a little door in the fence between us and the creek I think they're going to be residing with the duck side side for everything that's what put Alicia's cases distilled water doesn't leach minerals it just doesn't contain any so if you don't remember I city provides in them correct good god of gods sorry technology not good under I'm not quite ready to go for Carnival is key to a good option possibly on a case-by-case basis that sounds like a consultancy issue address is at the bottom of the screen so Andrew I'm a little bit curious I mean I'm not saying that you have to go for Carnival but what is it on key to that you adding apart from the meat and the fast what is it that you're not quite ready to let go I'm just curious mmm good but question marks new questions because now I'm skimming through pretty quickly okay so a gusto piotrovsky Tenorio dos Santos says but good news I found some papers about VLC at Ace and sold my dirt basically they need poof ice and glucose steroids to be synthesized by a neo Genesis so once meat so once made also contains purpose you get it mmm good alone how to lower cholesterol besides taking statins why would you want to do that actually I think there are many studies that say that people with high cholesterol live longer high level studies why on earth would you want to lower your cholesterol skin Butte is a massive industry what's the single most important step to maintaining healthy skin anymore there is a specific thing in semen that is very good for your skin I might as well not have lifted alone thing if you just had to go there but they are gonna wonder well yeah rub it in rub it in not eating sugar it's probably ability good thing and then actually you think fat yeah so don't know which one is better and look if anyone is short of a donor for semen go and see Richard Burgess apparently he's got eggs of it milky piss-weak fucking soy infected an effective bull free stuff you can have some mango juice basically it's what it does I think it's mango juice anyway moving on good run there ducks that will come back to the coop at night I'll lay you all kinds of tasty eggs good what's up brother duck sounds like they're gonna run off their marathon running ducks perhaps you know I know absolutely nothing about ducks 2 3 5 10 yes good have you seen the studies by dr. Shiva I do I had arrived from MIT and he mo plants just another reason to not be vegan I haven't I've heard of that individual and I've heard of their individuals were and read any of it and I'm sure you're right I don't need anymore be any more reasons not to be vegan I already have plenty but yep good no I'm not talking about sync it's um it's part of the it's called something like aqui it has a really cheesy name like boo me or something boo me as I think I remember that's something it's a protein complex of some kindness not spermy proteins yum yum yum good and they actually do manufacture that to put it in skincare products we're still talking about duck eggs yep no questions okay so it's a breed of dog that doesn't fly they run a pride and a great for eggs and pest management okay I like they do runner looks we lost a lot the other of pissed management what piston management yeah but I haven't seen many slugs here in New Zealand it's not like in the UK we can't go barefoot anyway we're stepping on this fucking fuckers mmm good talk I didn't lose focus Yuki when you step on a slogan you just feel huh did you get it all out what's the best animal source of folate I don't eat organ meats two of them but I try yes in does money now who needs serious help he spoke to therapy seen this all your money for slug therapy what the fuck it's Muscovy that's actually the skin care I don't know what those by the way but skin care slugs snails crawling around on your skin or some skin care they've got there's a protein in there and this long trail this really awesome to skin Oh muscular must be a duck kind of guess it's rats and snakes we don't have snakes yeah zoomed we have rats but not snakes though snakes no okay I think we're done we're not execution assist first time with your live streams and you're still alive but she is the executioner yes this this execution new risk or nice yes execution this okay maybe not here anyway you are still alive after a one full livestream session well done you well Ani for everybody who's been here of course every time I say we're done we don't have more questions I actually get fucking questions so yeah I'm gonna stop saying that after 10 minutes yes but mechanism that allows k2 mk7 to reduce black just quite technical I'll do a video on that one for ya yeah I'll put together a 30-minute video presentation probably for patrons only to be fair because you know at some point I have to start growing a line on YouTube he likes to flame people and on patron who likes to be scientific good yeah and I you know I do need to submit some simply a delineation oh now she wants to show up to see come here Oh didn't want a bunker here on the table hey professor fluff in the house for you to see fluffy what do you have to say to the boys and girls fluffy hello boys and girls sup – uncle Bart and Auntie PIM yeah and send us all your money cuz otherwise I will starve yes she's starving anyway yes Thank You Anita mangoes boys and girls don't cure AIDS yes yes mmm Oh anyway pretty much that's us so this heart she's thanking me for the good time oh it was the ass shaking that she was getting off on anyway see you later the first next time vain eight is just not acceptable behavior you've been told