New Terminator Star Explains Key Workout Tips from Arnold  | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

New Terminator Star Explains Key Workout Tips from Arnold | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

(intense instrumental music) – Hello, my name is Gabriel Luna, and I played the Terminator model Rev-9 in the new film “Terminator: Dark Fate.” Throughout my preparation for the film, I worked with several different trainers, and of course the Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. What we’re gonna do today is just pluck some of the favorites of each of those trainers
that I worked with. Of course, some of Arnold’s favorites. Let’s do it; let’s
train like a Terminator. (upbeat instrumental music) When I started my training
here in Los Angeles, we first wanted to work
on getting body fat down and just strengthening
the skeletal muscles. Today I’m gonna work out
with Josefine Holmberg, and we’ll get started with our warmup. Before the bends, before the
push-ups, before the pull-ups, I personally have to warm up my shoulders. I’ve dislocated this one playing high school football in Texas. I dislocated this one doing a stunt in a film about 10 years ago, so my shoulders are a sore spot for me that I always have to be careful with. So for that what I do
is gonna do sets of 10 for your deltoids you rotate out. This is the first exercise. You want to do your anterior
raises which is straight here and then you want to
do your lateral raises which are going to be out
to the sides of your body, Now I do 10 of each. For me that gets my shoulders warmed up so I won’t have to worry about injury, and then we go into the workout. (Upbeat instrumental music) One of my favorite exercises
when it comes to arms is the 21’s or the 7 7 7s. Usually you do it with a barbell, for me today I’m going
to do it with a dumbbell. What you want to do is
you are going to take the bicep curl motion and separate it into 3 different movements. You are going to do first
just to the midway point and then just go to the
halfway point seven times. From the midway point
you do another seven. Here you go, The final seven it should be the full range of motion. One thing Arnold always says is to, “Pay attention to the negative
and to go very slowly.” That’s a completely
different set of muscles you are using. So there you go, that’s
your 21’s, 7 7 7’s. And I do 3 sets so that’s going to be 21 3 times. (Upbeat instrumental music) So continuing with arms and shoulders we are going to kick into the Arnold press because we feel that is
probably appropriate for this. Now when I was in Budapest
working with Arnold they had me doing a version where I kind of came out of the body this way into the rotation and it feels to me that
I’m getting a little bit in the front deltoid by keeping the movement
out front of you like this (Upbeat instrumental music) Okay so now we are going to talk chest. Of course you know all the exercises there’s the bench press,
there’s the incline, there’s the dumbbell bench press. Another good exercise for the chest, especially the lower chest, is going to be your dips. Many people think that the
dips are for your triceps, which they are, but they could also
really train your pecs. With the dips you can either do it on your assisted dip machine
you may have at your gym or you can just do it
on the basic dip bar. And I do 12 to 15 reps or sets. Okay, so this next exercise is actually one of Arnold’s absolute favorites. You can do the chest
pullover here on the bench, using the dumbbells. Now, example of it is, you want to get your shoulder blades kind of on the corner of the bench there. Now in the back position
your hips should be sunken down towards the floor, and as you raise using
the top of your chest and most of your pectoral muscles, you thrust your hips
up into this position. And that is a chest pullover. (Upbeat instrumental music) I got a lot of training in my legs doing just the stances and the forms when we were doing some
of the martial arts and working our fight choreography. But one of my favorites is the deadlift, it works your core, works your body, the trap bar dead lift is great because there is a lot more control if you are using your
dumbbells or barbells you want to keep it close
to the body as you come up and thrust your hips forward. But here we are going to
do it on the trap bar. Usually I load it up maybe 120 kilos, 140 something like that. Just kind of, you know, nothing too crazy. This is obviously not that, but we are just going for
form today so here we go. (Upbeat instrumental music) For your back there is your lat pull downs you got your landmine rows but one of my favorites, which you don’t always see is the straight arm lat pull down
used on the cable machine. I do 4 sets, 12 to 15 reps. For me the straight arm, I really enjoy this exercise because when I look in the mirror I can just see the lat there, kind of on the side of the body. But for me I just feel
like I did a lot more work in the center of the back
and then here on the flanks. Kind of working both your back and a little bit of your
oblique in your flank. (Upbeat instrumental music) Now my absolute favorite ab exercise is the Dragon Flags, of course originated
by the great Bruce Lee. Usually I get about 8
to 10 in that first set then of course it starts
to go down and down as you get more fatigued, you’re at the end of your work out. So now the Dragon Flag is very important to maintain a complete
flat board in your body give it a little bit of
arch as you lower your legs to the ground. The legs must never touch, you keep a solid core to keep your body in a really stiff board-like position. And then from your core you lift your body back up to a vertical position. And that’s the Dragon Flag The Russian Twist is a great exercise to try and get a taper in the mid section, to really work the side of your abs and work the core of your obliques. You take away 10 to 25 pounds you keep it here at your chest or you extend it from your body to get a little bit more
resistance on your way up. And you cross your legs
and twist your body left to right. For the Russian Twist I
try to do a full minute, so you can probably get about
60 – 80 reps in that minute and do that 4 times. As Arnold says, “We should learn from Cassius Clay.” Only start counting
when it starts hurting. (Upbeat instrumental music) So when it’s all said and done to finish after you’ve
worked whatever muscle group you want to work after you’ve done your abs for 10 minutes and do 10 minutes on the assault bike, you’re going to do it hit training style so that means 1 minute full blast, keep it above 70rpms, 2 minutes at a midrange, 40-50rpms. Back to 1 minute full blast and do that on and off, 3 sets you’ll have 10 minutes. And there you go. Core is working the ropes; Good for your core, good for your body, good for your heart. Hard as you can for a minute nice good pace for 2, hard as you can for a minute, nice good pace for, keep alternating so you get
your 10 minutes of cardio. And that is the end of your workout. By that point there is
probably puke on the floor and if so that’s all good, clean that off for the next man, keep it moving, come back
and do it again tomorrow. And that is how you
train like a Terminator. (Upbeat instrumental music)