Importance of Persistence the Ultimate Resource

want to become unstoppable keep watching this is life mastery gym I’m Damon Cart
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good make sure you click that subscribe button right down here so that you can
get these videos on a regular basis if you were to take away all of my
resources and all of my qualities except for one and I can only have one it would
be persistence because persistence will get you where you want to go at some
point whether that’s really fast or really slow doesn’t matter it will get
you there for the past several years I’ve looked at how to model persistence
how to install it in myself and also how to install it in my clients so by the
end of this video you’re going to understand what really creates
persistence so that you can create as much as you want of it in your own life
now before I get into this if you have questions or you have comments while
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down here below and I will respond to you so let’s talk about persistence what
is it really well it’s obvious it’s like when you
continue moving forward you continue going after something even when you
encounter obstacles even when you encounter huge setbacks or curveballs
that you weren’t expecting now what it doesn’t mean though what it’s not and I
get this a lot of people say well if I’m if I become really persistent what if
you know it is time to stop when what about when maybe it is a good idea to
quit you know will I keep going and I don’t see persistence as being that way
because we go a little bit deeper with persistence
whenever I talk about or when I’m coaching someone persistence is not
about continuing to beat a dead horse persistence is not about continuing to
go after something when clearly it’s either not working
or it’s harming other people or it’s just not maybe going to get you what it
is that you want I talk about this all the time how people will often chase
something because it they’re told it’s what they should want or that maybe it’s
their society their culture values it and so they go after it and then along
the way they go you know this really isn’t doing it for me but they continue
to persist or you do accomplish that goal you get it and you go hmm this is
really not working for me but a person might persist and go forward and
continue in that direction knowing that it’s not going to get them
what they want but they don’t know what else to do because they they lack
clarity if you want to give more clarity about this it’s not a video about
clarity it’s about persistence but if you want to know more about how to get
clarity about what it is that you want I will link in the description below it’s
a PDF it’s free you get it immediately and it’s basically how to do a value
solicitation because values too little is listening your values will always
tell you will always give you that clarity and that’s the the piece I want
to really bring to persistence persistence is not necessarily
repetitive behavior or following through with your routines and doing all the
things that you need to do every single day to get what you want to accomplish
what you want it’s definitely connected to persistence
but I don’t really see that as being what persistence is persistence is about
following through with what it is that you value and you’ll never go wrong
never go wrong when you’re following through with your values and along the
way what you’ll discover though is that certain things won’t do it for you I
pursued insurance sales for the longest time I did it not because I thought it
was a something I was really going to enjoy in fact that was pretty sure it
wasn’t but I thought if I got successful enough at it like my father-god then I
could sort of buy my freedom that way and it didn’t really work because it
didn’t align with my values I was very persistent at it until I finally quit
and so did I by quitting did that make me not persistent anymore no when I got
in touch with what my values are I thought huh now I’m
to be persistent with my values the execution of it the behavior of it the
strategy of it that stuff doesn’t matter so much that stuff you can quit but you
never want to quit your values because then you go into the wasteland alright
so the problem with most people with for most people is that quitting is scary
because I don’t know what else they would do if they quit because they don’t
really understand their values they don’t really understand what it is that
does it for them what fulfills them what satisfies them so they stay persistent
but its persistent towards something they don’t really want so it’s not very
fulfilling and eventually they will quit eventually you quit and then you might
feel bad about yourself and you think ah yeah you know I just needed a little
more persistence and maybe it would have worked no it won’t if something’s just
not fulfilling you it’s just not going to fulfill you your values though or the
clue as to what is going to fulfill you and you get to test that out you get to
try a lot of different things you know you if your values are say joy and
freedom and and fun and you go and you pursue those and you never quit on them
you can be persistent about that for the rest of your life and in that
persistence you try on a lot of different strategies you try on a lot of
different endeavors and that this can be personal or it can be career whatever it
is as long as you stay connected to your values and you’re persistent with your
values you can never lose you will always win now back to the wasteland
thing that I mentioned if you’ve ever been there and most of us have it’s
usually after quitting something you quit something and you don’t know what
else to do you know that quitting was probably the right thing to do or maybe
maybe you’re still beating yourself up about it
but if you don’t know where to go that’s what I call the wasteland
it’s it’s not it’s it’s a really it’s a really discouraging place to be because
a lot of it is not knowing where you want to go you thought you knew the way
you thought you knew what did it for you you went after it and none of it none of
that worked out and so without realizing what your values are you sort of quit on
them you don’t know what else you don’t know how
to pursue them and so that’s what puts you in the wasteland but when you’re
when you’re connected to your values then you can quit the behavior you can
quit the regimen you can quit the gold you can quit pursuing the accomplishment
because in quitting that it will focus you in a better direction and a
direction that is more aligned with what your values are so you never have to go
in the wasteland the wasteland is more about not having clarity and that’s what
I want too that’s the third and final step of this is that clarity the more
clarity you have about what it is that you want that is persistence persistence
is the clarity about what it is that you want you will naturally gravitate toward
what it is that you want when you’re clear about it but if you’re not clear
about it this is when this idea of limiting beliefs come up this is that
idea of obstacles like I there’s all these obstacles to getting what I want
when the more clarity you have around it the easier it is to persist beyond the
obstacles beyond the limiting beliefs without the clarity it’s almost
impossible so yes you can gain a lot of clarity by sitting down and listening
your values and writing about them but the other part to clarity that a lot of
people don’t want to hear is that taking action when you take action in a certain
direction the feedback that you get creates a lot more clarity I think I
might enjoy something I go give it a try I do or I don’t like it that’s the
feedback I like it I continue pursuing it I don’t like it that I don’t pretend
you continue pursuing it so there’s a certain comfort and relief around just
knowing that you’re committed to your values and that you’re going to pursue
them that you have that persistence that you can take any amount of wrong turns
and it’s okay because that’s just part of the process you you know what your
values are as you take action you gain more clarity whether or not the action
you took worked out or not it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work out then you
know you know one less thing to try and that gives you more clarity if it does
work out again you know more what you want so there’s more clarity so knowing
what your value are staying connected with your values
behaving in alignment with your values that will create persistence that will
create more persistence than you could ever need what fuels that even more what
drives it even harder is progress and progress is inevitable
whenever you’re testing things out you’re trying things you’re taking
action you’re self-reflecting you’re gaining you’re gaining clarity about
what it is you want beginning clarity about your values progress is inevitable
and so the combination of the values which creates persistence with the
progress that really fuels persistence you can’t lose you will become
unstoppable so like I said if you want to go deeper with values you want to
learn how to elicit your values I put that link in the description also the
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PDF and you can basically take anything that you want and elicit your values on
what it is that you want and this is where you gain that clarity so make sure
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