I Tried Eating SUPERMARKET CHRISTMAS FOOD for 24 Hours! *OMG*  HAUL & Review 2019

I Tried Eating SUPERMARKET CHRISTMAS FOOD for 24 Hours! *OMG* HAUL & Review 2019

All that’s missing now is a nice Bucks Fizz nah nothing like party food on a weekday good morning and welcome back to my channel give ridiculously excited honestly out of a hundred I’m like 200 level excited for today’s video we are doing 24 hours eating only Christmas food this is actually going to be a long-running series on my channel so in each and every supermarket I am going to be buying all of their festive food but the prices are like what the unbranded versions are like what you should be buying for your Christmas Day dinner what Christmas snacks you need to be buying chocolates you could be buying this is just going to be the best series ever it’s why my excitement level is a little out of control we’re kicking off with Tesco’s so I popped into Tesco yesterday I bought a whole range of their festive food for breakfast snacks at lunches and dinners and we are going to be testing them all out today oh if you’re wondering “Sophie it’s the beginning of November why are you already talking about Christmas? why are you in Christmas PJs?” I thought I would get us all ready No – an early just before we kick off with the food haul and also some breakfast if you are new to the channel my name is Sophie I make three videos on this channel every single week on Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays all about living your best life on any budget and we specifically talked about food on this channel but if you like this video and you want to see the rest of the series at plus any future videos of mine make sure you are subscribed down below and also if you’re excited don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up oh let’s go and enjoy Christmas okay guys so here is all the food that it’s going to last me for the next day and obviously it’s quite a lot of food and I’m not going to eat this all myself or breakfast I’ve gone for my classic which I always have every single Christmas day morning which is salmon scrambled eggs on toast I’ve got it’s the Tesco cranberry sage and onion bloomer never actually had this before but it looks really really interesting it was 1 pound 60 the salmon that was 2 pounds the eggs were 1 pound 90 these are the Tesco finest Eggs mixing with the eggs I’ve got some a Tesco double cream which was 70 people snacks we have gone for these which I’m so excited about these are festive doughnuts from a Tesco three pounds for 12 which I thought was really good they do look so good also for snacks I really wanted to try these out they’re truffle chocolate Brussels sprouts so these are giving me all the M&S vibes it’s a really expensive these were three pounds fifty for lunch we’ve gone with turkey and trimmings with sage and onion stuffing sandwich this is actually going to be what Lawrence will eat because I don’t actually eat pork looks like it has sausage and blankets and I’ll pick some blankets whatever they’re called turkey mayonnaise stuffing so I think he will quite like this and then I’ve gone for the brie and cramp I’ve also gone for these with my lunch which our Tesco finest prawn Marie Rose crisps aka prawn cocktail crisps it can’t just be me and my family that have prawn cocktail for starters on Christmas Day dinner they were only one pounds they’re currently on offer which i think is really good bag is huge we also have some diet coke I know this isn’t Tesco own but I really wanted these because I do drink diet coke excited to see the coca-cola advert this year Christmas isn’t Christmas until I’ve seen that advert also for a snack I picked up these Tesco mini cinnamon spekulatius speculator yes I I really probably am at butchering that name but they look like little cinnamon biscuits look how early on offer for only 1 pound ok for dinner we are going with something quite different to be honest to let you know throughout this whole series I will be doing like traditional Christmas dinner I’m probably going to do that one with the Audi challenge when I do the Audi 24 hours Christmas food each supermarket we’re going to be trying different types of dinners for our main today having the mushroom and meat fries stuffing the taste apparently this service for people it’s kind of meant to be similar to a kind of beef wellington type thing it’s actually big and it was only three pounds so I feel like that’s a really affordable vegan alternative so you have got to go for some sprouts oh my gosh if you don’t eat sprouts then I feel sorry for you because I actually really like sprouts was only one pound 10 and I feel like there’s so many in here or feed a lot of people and although I would normally kick my own race potatoes I feel like during this challenge it’ll be really good to try out like the supermarket unbranded roast potatoes that are frozen and then for dessert we have gone with one of my faves double chocolate Yule Log see Oleg was only 2 pound and it’s huge like it’s really really heavy I hope I haven’t made you too hungry by showing you all this stuff but I’m so excited to just get started so let’s start out with a breakfast [Music] Callister I am NOT going to lie that looks so good sprite smells really nice but let’s try this bit the salmon on it I don’t see a lot of people do eat seven over Christmas at living tonight for me personally I find that really really salty it might be a cave with like the eggs and the bread the bread is insane really think I’m gonna go this right now for Christmas take that is insane okay honestly well that’s missing now is a nice bucks fish this salmon I probably wouldn’t guess again I know they did a Tesco finest salmon which said it mild and delicate next time I could try that because I personally wouldn’t get that Simon again is so so salty it kind of tastes like bacon to me right it’s actually making everything taste a little better because the bread has cranberries in so it’s like a little bit sweeter and it like takes the edge of the salt and also the cranberries in it tastes so festive like this genuinely tastes like Christmas on a plate I’m probably gonna give it an 8 out of 10 the salmon I wouldn’t eat again I’m not gonna lie but generally it is such a good breakfast top of my breakfast and when I’m actually dressed we’re gonna go into the knocking and we’ll be one city one I know it is a little while later now I obviously dress now look and civilized I think here’s my sandwich which is the brie and cranberries of sandwich and then we have the prawn Marie Rose crisp and the festive diet coke which now out of the packaging doesn’t actually look too festive so I’m a little bit disappointed today I feel like they’re kind of skimping on the ingredients but you know no no I don’t know that where’s the cranberry that’s not good enough in my opinion that was two pound 20 that’s like M&S prices I don’t know I don’t think that was good enough if I’m being really honest with you if expected like to be to taste the cranberry sauce why can’t all I can taste is like dry spinach I’m not keen on that sandwich at all I don’t think it’s very good it needs a lot more cranberry sauce then just like kind of a shame it was the only like vegetarian option I did see in that festive sandwiches oh good mmm I kind of like Walker’s prawn cocktail crisps but a lot nicer flavors like so much more flavorful I can’t explain it it’s not fishy don’t worry tangy flavor like really nice and tangy I recommend these these are gonna get a strong 9 out of 10 I would eat these again and I’ll probably be buying them throughout the festive period to sandwich no I’m gonna give it like three out of ten I’m not joking yeah sorry about that Tesco I am going to eat more of my crit cuz I’m eating my sandwich let’s go turkey and trimmings I’ve had a little bit so far and it’s alright I tell you what though the first bite I had was literally the stringy s bit of bacon it was pretty gross it’s alright you could probably do with a little bit of greenery or rocky or something it’s very nice yeah me too tastes good yeah it’s alright you think if they pay okay it’s a nice little festive tree all right and out I would give it a six oh just the flavors nice I don’t know I’m bit fasting the sausages and bacon it could be a little bit nicer thanks for that all right are they yeah lucky I love you bye donut tell me it’s not snack times you do not know what you’re talking about oh my gosh he’s so good okay I didn’t actually know Tesco dead festive doughnuts party they do in all it videos is a chocolate ringing doughnuts with red whites and green sprinkles hmm it’s good I’ll give that a strong 8 out 10 I mean I don’t know how festive it is actually eaten doughnuts on Christmas Day it’s mean I called the Christmas chocolates business breakfast starters the Christmas dinner it’s not something I would have time or the space to eat a Christmas doughnut but you know build up from like now up until Christmas Day isn’t the whole point eating festive foods so I would recommend getting these in the build up trismus definitely need to go on a winter walk later because there’s probably a lot of calories in there okay we’ve got about an hour until we have our festive Christmas dinner which I’m so excited about I’m actually starving because I remembered I didn’t like my sandwich therefore I haven’t eaten that much I’m gonna have a little snack and it’s gonna be at the Brussels sprout truffles [Music] okay they actually look exactly like a Brussels sprout I’m not joking they have done that quite well mmm you’re actually really nice I would have them again they’re very milky chocolate so if you like milky chocolates you will love these and I’m gonna give them and paintin are no nine out ten because they’re a little bit too milky but they look great he’s such a good stocking filler I haven’t filled a gap and now we’re going to get on out of my rented mushrooms in the oven [Music] I woke up this morning I looked outside my window with children out nothing like I paid on a weekday Merry Christmas no it’s Christmas everybody loves party food at Christmas Day well these be really nice with like mayonnaise or hot sauce oh my god you have hot sauce yeah what’s actually from Tesco 2kn and cranberries so it’s kind of festive that’s kind of festive but a festive no yeah Christmas Day like the best part is when you’ve had your Christmas one you so stuffed but you can still eat really nice they’re just a tiny bit like you can feel like the wetness in them yeah they could be a little more crunchy yeah I’m gonna give those a 9 out 10 yeah yeah I I’m gonna give him an a take a bit bit more crunchy but really they are good mushrooms [Music] yes okay please let me win no it’s my luggage tag isn’t it how do you get if you cross an apple with the Christmas tree Pauline Apple ah Christmas dinner time actually take to look quite nice see we use hands in this house because with savages [Music] Merry Christmas let’s go we start at 6:00 I stopped societics try that it’s all right actually that’s all right what these are the goose fat goose race potatoes yeah they’re testing finest two pounds and how many actual taste which you can get 50 pound saw how easy I’m gonna give them seven and a half out of ten they wouldn’t do it they’re good I like them I would still prefer my I probably give him a six out of ten but it’s difficult it’s difficult you’re gonna miss it yeah I would just because I don’t know that they’re just a little bit so you know yeah yeah I mean they’re better fries they are better fried we we we did present we microwaved them because that’s what it said to do on the back yeah we didn’t have them like this against our bitch nice let’s do the main effect smells like sausage passage that extra little bit of mushroom flavor but you know it’s much better than I thought to it do you have to be honest nice feed that an eight and a half up ten mmm there it’s minus one and a half points the kiss is not enough sauce does it comes with gravy like the grain is making the sauce in the middle but there’s just no enough right there’s no gravy on my potatoes it’s basically taste like like a sausage it tastes like sausage crack massive and there’s little things you have many well hmm like the truffle flavor Oh was it hmm good 100 percent half there so Christmas pudding on Christmas Day I’m Paula person’s pudding wrong fan wrong schools that’s really that’s actually really nice it’s a lot more creamier than I thought it would be I remember chocolate you’ll love being much more cakey we’re gonna give it a 9 out 10 what yeah that is ridiculous I’m thinking I’m gonna give it a 6 no I don’t really my cup of tea and I actually agree with you you know when you said it wasn’t taking it’s quite noisy yes look at how much that that’s the cake and that’s the mace and you’re gonna revise my school I sit to seven I think it does taste good yeah but is to moussey for a chocolate you or not but saying that I would still buy this and eat this on Christmas Day like I would choose this as my Christmas Day pudding good I’m just sitting here sipping my apple spice tea and eating my mini cinnamon biscuits from Tesco which I actually got as part of this food challenge Wow can’t even explain it but the taste of Christmas is this these taste like Christmas they’re kind of like this cough is it loads of this cough or whatever it is 10 out of 10 like these are so good I’m going to finish my tea I’m going to get editing this video but let me know in the comments down below which supermarket you would definitely like to see me doing this challenge with because obviously I love to take requests love to help you guys and all of our best lives on a path anyway guys thank you so so much for watching as always it means the absolute world to me I’ll see you again very soon so I upload three times a week and I’m yeah Merry Christmas yeah [Music]