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Heart And Hips Practice | Hands Free Yoga | Yoga With Adriene

– Howdy everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and
today we have an awesome hips and heart practice for you. So this one is yummy, is
delicious and I highly suggest or I do suggest that you
grab a dish towel or bathroom, like a little bathroom towel
or this is a cloth napkin, even a pillowcase
will work to serve as your makeshift
at-home yoga strap. So grab your tool and then
hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alright my darling friends, let’s begin seated
on the ground. As always, if you know that
it’s best for you to sit up on a little blanket or block or
pillow then go ahead and lift the hips so that you
can sit up nice and tall. In time you’ll find with regular
and particularly and particular daily practice it’ll be easier
and easier to sit on the ground, sit up nice and tall. Just be thoughtful and kind
and honor where you’re at today. Alright, when you’re ready,
we’re gonna actually uncross the ankles and we’re gonna bring the
left heel in and then the right heel so that the feet are
side-by-side and not crossed. And then you can take whatever
little movements you need here so you can sit up as tall as you
can and then don’t worry about the shape what it looks like
if you feel little off kilter. That’s why were
here to practice, to create balance between the
left and right side of the body. So if you feel like you
look like this, don’t worry. You know only I’m the
one putting this on YouTube. (laughs) Unless
you’re taping yourself. Just a little reminder as we
sometimes come into the simple shapes we already start to
create this narrative or this thought line of you know,
“I’m not doing it right,” or “I’m so off,” or
“I’m not flexible enough.” So just a little guidance to
take note of that and then don’t worry about what it looks like.
Just focus on the shape. That’s purely
what this is all about. Focusing on the sensation,
how it feels and it’s a great reminder at the beginning of today’s
practice because today’s practice is all about
tending to the heart space. We’re gonna open up
through the shoulders. Kind of get you feeling nice
and broad and lifted through the chest and then also
tending to tight hips. So these two can run in tandem and we’ll see what’s up. Starting with the breath,
big inhale. And exhale. Next time you inhale, imagine
your breath going in through your nose and traveling
down towards this heavy area. The groin, the hips,
the bum, the legs. Just imagine the
breath traveling down, whatever that means to you. Cool and then relax. And then again,
consider the breath going up. Imagine it going down,
(clears throat) excuse me, down towards the hips. Mmmm. Awesome, then take
one more deep breath in. And this time exhale,
relax the shoulders down. See if you can sit up
out of the base of the spine, whatever that means to you,
a little bit more. So you might even feel like
actual space in the lower belly, in the side body. Maybe you thought you were
sitting up as tall as you could but now you found
half an inch more. And then from here we’re
gonna grab your towel or whatever you you picked,
a pillowcase, whatever. You’re gonna take one end and
the other so it’s nice and taut. And you’re gonna take
it right out in front. Notice which foot is in
front, or we all did the right. So notice how the
right foot’s in front. You’re gonna
activate those toes a bit. So they’re not soft. But from there you’re gonna sit
up nice and tall and from here we’re gonna inhale draw
the knuckles all the way up towards the sky. And then exhale all the
way back down to the heart. Inhale, thighs grow
heavy as you reach up. And then exhale. Back in line with
the shoulders, the heart. Keep it going, inhale. And exhale. Each time you lift up, you can
aim to gain more space in the belly and the side
body and the lower back. And get really
heavy in your lower body, your legs, from the waist down. Do one more, inhale, wrap
the shoulder blades around. Knuckles up
towards the sky and back. Nice and then exhale,
hands in line with the heart. Beautiful. Now we’re gonna
go inhale all the way up and then over towards the side. Bet you could guess that but
you’re gonna keep the thighs, the legs really heavy. So this is where it’s important
to not focus the shape but just the sensation. So only go as far
as you feel in control. Legs grounding down. Hug the lower ribs in. Breathe deep. So I could go here but then
I’m gonna lose this connection. So staying connected
through the upper abdominals, lower belly.
Legs grounding down. Beautiful, inhale,
come back up to center and right on to the other side. From the waist down really heavy and then lifting
up out from there. Keeping the chest lifted,
heart lifted, inhale. Exhale, back to center and
then slow and with control, don’t give up.
Stay present. Building endurance, beautiful. From here, we’re gonna slowly
just bring the knuckles in to touch each other. You can hold on to your tool,
and then release. Open the palms, palms
just rest gently in your lap. Great, nice beautiful conscious, dare I even say
meditative breath here. Just trying to paint
the pictures so inhale. Breath travels down
and exhale, we let it go. Inhale, breath travels down. And exhale, we let it go. Beautiful. Grab your towel or pillowcase, send the knuckles back out
and here we go. We’re gonna inhale, you’re gonna
draw the arms all the way over towards the left side. Requiring you
to get really heavy in the top of the right thigh. You’re gonna think about drawing
a big rainbow or a semi-circle all the way up, and
then over towards the right. Beautiful, come
back through center, round through the spine. Great, and then
just repeat that nice, soft, easy movement. See if you can keep the
lower body nice and heavy. Keep the sternum lifted. Beautiful.
Bring it back to center. Inhale, reach up.
Check it out, listen carefully. Keep reaching,
nice taut towel here. You’re gonna sit
back on the sits bones, bring the toes forward and then
you’re gonna reverse the legs. So right heel comes in,
left leg now comes in front. And again, we activate. Energy in those left toes. Activate down.
Arms getting tired. Here we go, inhale, lift up,
breathe down as you lift up. And then exhale lower,
hands in line with the heart. Inhale, lift it up. And exhale, lower. Heart lifted. Inhale, reach up. You got this, lengthen through
all four sides of the torso and exhale hands in
line with the heart. And inhale, reach up. Beautiful, exhale. Send the napkin, pillowcase over towards the right. Beautiful, inhale,
come back to center. Exhale, navel draws
in for core support, over towards the left.
Legs are strong. Inhale, lift it up. Exhale, back down with control. Then here we go, knuckles
come in towards each other. And then rest. Open through the palms, soften. Upper back body is activated. Let the shoulders and the
arms, hands, wrists relax. Close your eyes if you dare,
take a deep inhale. Then soft, easy
exhale as you breathe out. Just letting it go. Inhale in again. And exhale, let it go. Beautiful! Grab your tool,
send it back out. Here we go, we’re gonna keep the
lower body heavy as you slowly draw over towards the right. Inhale to come
up through center. Big semi-circle around and then
here now that you kind of know what you’re doing,
you can really exaggerate chin to chest, rounding through. Beautiful. All the way back up,
keep it going. Focusing on the
sensation over the shape. Peek at me when you need to.
Otherwise, feel it out. Strong lower body, heart lifted. Pay attention to the
sensation in the hips. Cool and then the
next time you’re up, inhale, look up. And then exhale,
knuckles come together, flip the script, relax it.
(sighs) Awesome.
Tuck the chin into the chest. Maybe take a couple moments here on your own to
check in with the head. Maybe nodding the head
yes or no or maybe soft, easy circles with the nose. Then you’re gonna
take your piece of fabric, whatever you chose,
put it to the side. Then you’re gonna
sit up nice and tall. Inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna shift back on to your sits bones again. Little bit of Texan came out
there and you’re gonna bring the two big toes to touch. You’re gonna interlace the
fingertips behind your tail. Beautiful, so we’re
in a supported Boat here. Finding a nice heart opener here as you activate
the upper back body. If you want a little more core
stimulation just release the fingertips, bring them forward. What we’re wanting
to do is keep this nice, broad chest here. So if you can’t do that
with the fingertips lifted, just go ahead and interlace, hold your hands
behind your thighs. Breathing deep here. Keep lifting
from the armpit chest. You got it. One more cycle of breath. Fabulous then from here,
we’re gonna bring the feet to the ground, nice and easy
bring the fingertips back. Palms back, fingertips are going
to point in towards your body. Inhale in, exaggerate
this lift in the heart. So find a nice,
juicy back bend here. You’re gonna
imagine you’re squeezing an imaginary block
between your legs. Heels are in
line with your hips. Then carve a line
with your nose forward, be gentle, up and back. Exaggerating this back
bend here just a bit more. Nice and then if
it feels okay here, you might drop to one
forearm and then the other. Inhale, lift the chest. Exhale, crown of
the head reaches back. But we’re not letting it
dip all the way back here. Nice and in control.
Building strength. Mindfully breathe deep. Wonderful, wonderful,
inhale in, lift the chest. Exhale, if you’re
on your elbows, press back up to the palms. And then from here we’re gonna
kick the right foot up and we’re gonna cross it over
the top of the left thigh. And you’ll know right away. Okay, hello. If you need a little more then
you’re just gonna use your hands here to lift the bum up
and walk it a little bit closer towards your heel. Then from here you can
turn the fingertips out. You can keep them turned in. You can come on to the forearms. The goal is to maintain the lift
in the heart while cultivating this extraordinary
opening in the hip, okay? So when the heart
begins to collapse here, that’s when you need to maybe
take a deep breath and shift. When you feel like
the heart is lifted, you can feel the
sensation in your right hip. Breathe deep. And if it’s too much, you can
back off by creating more space between your left
heel and your left glute. If you need as little more,
scotch it on in. Sit up nice and tall. Remember the invitation is to
keep the heart lifted as you open hip here. Nice, take a deep breath in. Inhale, exhale, check it out. Back on to the forearms, keep the right
ankle where it is. You’re gonna come all
the way on to your back. You’re gonna
grab your dish towel. Excuse me while
I make an adjustment. And then from here you’re
gonna uncross your right leg, bring it all the
way up towards the sky. Bring your dish towel around
the back of the hamstring or the back of the calf
or around your foot. Using a little at-home yoga
strap and you’re gonna breathe deep here pressing your foot or your calf or
your hamstring into the towel and giving it a little
resistance by pulling it in towards your body.
Breathe deep here. Yogi’s choice,
I’ll give you the option. You can extend through
that leg if it feels awesome. Otherwise, you can just keep
it nice and firmly planted. You gotta bring the breath.
Nice, full deep breaths. Great, take one
more big inhale here. Then exhale you’re gonna take
both ends of your towel into your right hand and bring your
left hand either to the top of the left hip crease or if that
leg it extended just bring it right to the top
of the left thigh, excuse me. Yes, inhale in. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. Keep the heart open. Present, alive, inhale. Exhale soft bend in your right
knee first before you even move, micro-bend here. Not so much here or here.
But right here. And then inhale, lift the chest,
prominent heart opener here, nice and easy. And then exhale, keep the left
side of the body heavy as you slowly turn your right
toes out and slowly open, open, open,
through that right hip. You’re gonna have
to really move slow here to keep that left hip grounding. Beautiful, you got it. And then I’m hitting the wall
here which is nice so I can use it to support me
but you can begin to straighten that leg in time. If this is really
new to your body, you’re starting to feel it,
maybe feel a little tremble, little shake, breathe deep
and keep the knee bent. Okay? Breathing deep. And if you’re like, “Oh my
gosh, I’m not even close,” just remember I’ve been
practicing for like 15, 20 years so don’t worry. About a thing. Breathe deep. I swear I’m not tone deaf. I hate it when that happens.
(laughs) Makes me want to
sing it again right but it’s not about me so
I’m not going to. Inhale, use an exhale, a sharp
exhale so activate an exhale to bring awareness to your center. So navel draws in. If you’ve even done the shhh
thing with me, it’s that. Shhh brings you back so you’re
moving from your middle back to center and then we’re actually
going to go right back to where we came, where we started. So you’re gonna
bend the left knee. Release your towel.
Cross it over. (sighs) Gorgeous. Inhale in.
Exhale, release. We’re gonna use
our breath even in the transition here to inhale. Exhale, lift up on to
one elbow, then the other. Find that heart opener here,
lift your chest. Fabulous, then
press up on to the palms, back up on to the palms and
we’ll give ourself a little space to start on the second side. So as you’re ready,
fingertips in towards your body. Press into your palms. You’ll kick your left leg up
this time and cross it over. So this one’s gonna be different
based on a lot of things. Could be based on other
activities you’re doing. Just based on the right
and left side of the body. Something you do regularly
so stay really present. And then here’s
the Catch-22 today, normally I’d be like,
“Okay, hip day,” but heart too so lift the chest. Actively work to
lift, lift, lift, wrap your
shoulder blades around. And then again, if you
need more you can come closer. If you need to
back off a little bit, it’s a very kind,
loving move to do just that. You can experiment
turning your wrists. You can experiment with
turning the fingertips out. Just keep your heart lifted. Breathing deep or
coming on to the forearms here, breathing deep. Active in the toes. Sitting up nice and tall. Working in this way is just
gonna change your game in so many activities where we’re not
isolating body parts but we’re thinking of it
as one moving unit. It’s what creates the
coordination of a dancer, certainly help
me with my running. Strength training. If you do power lifting, you know you can’t
just work on one part. It has to be a
whole package deal. So that’s the idea here as you lift your heart for
one more breath. And then if you
aren’t there already, let’s come on to the elbows,
nice and slow. Take your time. Come on to your back,
nice and slow. Grab your dish
towel or your strap. And you’re gonna bring it
behind your left thigh as you straighten left leg,
left calf or around the foot. And just notice how
this one’s different. If you went on the foot for your
right doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good place
to start for your left. So you could
work your way there. Now return to the breath. Check in with your heart space. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space. If you’re here, this
is not a heart opener. So see if you can work to snuggle the shoulder
blades underneath. But if you need to back off a
little maybe you do that there. Keep the shoulders plugging in. One more breath,
you’re doing great. Fab and then bring your strap
over into your left hand and keep the heart lifted,
shoulders plugging down. Right hand’s gonna come to the top of the right
hip crease or right thigh. Can always extend that
leg if you haven’t already and you want to give it a go. Inhale in first,
breathe into the belly. Nice diaphragmatic breath. Exhale, start bending
that left knee. Very important, soften,
soften here. So we don’t want
to overdo in here. Great, inhale. Exahle, let’s give it a go. Turn the left toes out. Nice and slow. How slow can you go?
Nice and slow. Paying attention
to how it feels. Turning left toes out. Nice, generous
bend in the left knee. As much as you need. Keep your right hand on the
top of that right hip crease to remind you to work both right
and left sides of the body. It’s definitely core activation
here as you keep right shoulder, right elbow, right hip
down, down, down. And then maybe
you find your edge and you just pause and breathe deep. Maybe in time you work
to straighten that leg. Breathing deep. (deep breathing) Wherever you are,
take one more cycle of breath. And then bend that knee,
bring it back in. Move from your center,
your core all the way back. Awesome work. We’re gonna release the strap,
bend the right knee, come right back to
where your started. Left ankle
crossed over the right. Yes, beautiful. One more breath here, inhale. And exhale, stay on your back. You’re just gonna uncross. Left foot comes to the ground,
walk your heels up. Coming into Bridge Pose,
fingertips down. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath you heart space, toes pointing forward. Great, set yourself
up and then once again, imagine that imaginary
block between your legs that
is squeezing here. When you’re
ready palms face down, snuggle the
shoulder blades underneath and here we go, lift off. Lifting hip points forward up, knees, shins moving forward. Nice, strong footing. Make your way up, keep your gaze
up towards the sky and we’ll interlace the
fingertips behind the back. Lift the hips up. Again, shins forward. Chest to chin, breathe deep. Chin to sky.
Shins forward. One more breath, chest to chin. Chin to sky, shins forward. And then slowly
releasing the fingertips, nice and slow.
How slow can you go? Make your way down. Nice, pause here
for just a moment. Close your eyes.
Inhale in. Exhale out. Great, walk the feet together,
nice and easy. Slowly opening the knees wide. Supta Baddha Konasana
or Reclined Cobbler’s Pose. From here you’re gonna gently
bring your right hand to your belly and your
left hand to your heart. Ending with this
nice passive hip stretch. Breathing deep,
heart’s nice and open. Skin on the forehead is soft. Close your eyes,
soften your jaw. And breathe. As you’re ready,
take a deep inhale. And use your exhale to
gently move your fingers, release the hands and bring them to the outer edges
of your legs, your thighs. Press into the feet, bring the
knees together nice and slow and then we’ll extend one
leg out and then the other. Take any movement
that feels good here. If you’re ready for
Shavasana just go right to it, finding stillness. You can take your
dish towel, if you like, if you’re comfortable
and you can cover your eyes with it
for your relaxation. Yeah, baby! Getting my
at-home yoga practice on! You can also get an eye
pillow for your pram practice. Alright, this is
where we’re gonna end today. I love you so much. Thank you for sharing your time
and your energy with me and with all of the amazing
people around the world who are practicing together. Carving out time and space to be
with ourselves so that we can be the best version of that person. That spirit. Please let us
know how you did today, how you’re feeling, anything at
all in the comments down below. I love you so much. From my heart to yours, be well. Namaste. (gentle music)