Healthy Food I Andhra Special Pappu charu – Uppu Chepa I పప్పు చారు – ఉప్పు చేప  I Telugu ammayi

Healthy Food I Andhra Special Pappu charu – Uppu Chepa I పప్పు చారు – ఉప్పు చేప I Telugu ammayi

Hi Friends, Welcome to Telugu ammayi Your Srividya Today i am preparing pappu charu Uppu Chepa For Vegetarian see only Pappu Charu Preparation Requesting you to skip Uppu Chepa Preparation For Preparation of pappu charu, We have to take thoor dal Kandi pappu and some vegetables I will show you the preperation as well as telling health benefits of this recipe for preparing this i am taking thoor dal Kandi pappu It contains good amount of Fiber It supplies Fats and proteins necessary for the body It helps in reducing the cholesterol Next i will tell about the vegetables I had taken Tomato It controls Blood pressure and it contains vitamin C Which is more important to our body Contains anti oxidents Helps in tissue growth and cell function Next i am taking Drum Sticks Its very important for diabetic patients It helps in controlling blood sugar It also helpful for our skin It will fight with pimples Very useful for hair and skin Next i had taken Bottle Guard Very good while dieting It helps in weight loss naturally Controls Blood pressure & Weight I had taken Onions also Onions have anti bacterial properties Helps in digestion Onion also helpful for hair growth I had taken these vegetables for pappu Charu You can add as per your preference I think you like this video if you want more videos like this please subscribe to our channel Telugu Ammayi ingredients for pappu Charu Take Thoor dal and soak in water Onions Small onions are good in pappu Charu Keep some deep cuts on onions So it will absorb the dal Chopped Tomato Drum Sticks Chopped Bottle Guard and Tamarind Tamarind soak in water Green Chilly Coriander leaves These spices for Tadka Curry leaves, Jeera Dry chilly, Mustard seeds Garlic and salt for taste Turmeric and chilly powder Take Thoor dal in pressure cooker I am preparing pappu charu in cooker It will be very easy I had taken thoor dal and washed it No i will add Tamarind juice in it Mix it well I am adding Turmeric adding chilly powder Add salt as per your taste Mix well and add all vegetables Bootle Guard, Drum Sticks, Tomato, Onions You can use vegetables as per your preference Adding Chopped Tomato Onions small and chopped Adding Green chilli Mix it well Adding coriander leaves Now i will add little bit water And switch on the stove pappu will be tasty when it is diluated So i am adding more water Now i will on the stove and keep on medium flame Wait for 4 whistles Because we had not boiled dal before We are cooking all together i will switch off the stove after getting 4 whistles I am preparing tadka Take oil and add jeera Add Mustard seeds add Dry chilli Add garlic cloves switch of the stove tadka is ready I had added Tadka in pappu charu Wait for 2 min and switch of the stove These are salt fish Best combination for Pappu charu I think you all know this We have to wash them well They applied more salt for storage We have to clean it We have to boil the water To wash the salt fish Water is boiled i will add fish in it Keep it in water Wait for 5 min Salt in the fish will dissolve Then remove the fish Maximum salt is removed Then we have to fry in the oil Take some oil in the pan dont take more oil Otherwise it will be waste Oil is heated, Now adding Fish to fry Remove it after frying Fry other fish also Uppu Chepa is ready to eat Thank You for watching me Telugu Ammayi