Gentle Yoga – 25 Minute Morning Yoga Sequence   –  Yoga With Adriene

Gentle Yoga – 25 Minute Morning Yoga Sequence – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and we’re in the park today with a gentle yoga sequence for you. This practice is great if you just have a little bit of time, and you want to have a little bit
of yoga go a long way. There’s no Vinyasa flows in this, guys, so it’s pretty good on the wrists. And it’s really great for beginners who are growing their practice and want to spend a little
more time on the foundations and kind of low to the ground, building our practice from
the ground up. Alright? Embrace the sights and sounds
of the park with me today, and let’s get started (calm guitar music) Alright, so today we’re going to begin in a nice, comfortable,
cross-legged position. Feel free to lift your
hips up high on a blanket, a block, a pillow, and the way to kind of
spot if you want to do that is if you feel like your back, your spine is kind of pulling you back. And you need a little lift in the hips so you can sit up nice and tall and allow the legs to fall down. So just kind of take a
second, again, no rush today. Nice gentle practice. To observe what’s going
on in the lower body, how it’s connected to the lower back body, and then allow that information to travel up yonder. So take your time and then when you arrive go ahead and find a gentle lift in the heart center, the chest. Opening up through the front body here. Lifting. Then on your next breath, take
a big breath in and inhale, we’re gonna loop the shoulders
forward, up, and back. Nice big circle. And again, inhale, reach
the shoulders forward, and up and back. And then one more time. Big circle in the shoulders. Then allow the hands to rest gently wherever they naturally lie. Close your eyes, trust. And begin to deepen your
breath, notice your breath. If you’re familiar with the ujjayi breath, maybe you play a little
bit with that here. Maybe you just finally
take the deepest breath you’ve taken in all day. And nice cleansing exhale out through the mouth, perhaps. Couple more here. And just taking in how
you feel, in this moment. I’m taking in my surroundings. There’s this light drizzle. There’s all this hubhub around me. So just take in where
you are now, literally. Begin to deepen the breath. Bringing some fresh oxygen, some fresh flow into your body and expanding your awareness, listening to the sounds, noticing the quality of air in the room. Take one more breath here and we’ll begin to drop
the chin to the chest. Keep the shoulders drawing back, just stretching through
the back of the head. I’m gonna bring the hands gently to the back of the neck here,
the atlas, you can interlace and then I’m not going to pull or tug I’m just going to have a fun
little dance with gravity today so chin to chest, letting
the weight of the arms gently melt down, breathing deep. One more breath here. Then roll up tall through the spine. Lengthen through the
neck as you lift the head and we’re just going
to stretch the fingers high up towards the sky, big, big stretch here,
spread your fingertips, reach reach reach, take a deep breath in and then exhale, bend
the elbows slight back then here as you lift your heart, ground down through
the tops of the thighs. Thumbs go back, pinkies forward. Big breath in, big breath
out sends you to all fours. Awesome. Move nice and slow, enjoy each transition
in and out of things. This time is for you
so enjoy your practice. Spread the palms super wide, knees underneath the hip points, wrists directly underneath the shoulders so again, no rush today, take you time and then when you arrive
we’re just going to shift the hips a little left and right. Just checking it out, noticing if the toes are coming in or splaying out. See if you can find two
parallel lines here, toes pointing straight back. Mmm, smells like incense, there must be something naturally out here that smells good. Then we’ll bring the hips back to center. Everyone bend your elbows and then press away from your yoga mat as you find length through the neck. So you can take a second to
look at the video of course and then when you feel like
you’ve got your bearings send your gaze straight down remembering that the neck is a nice long extension of the spine. Deep breaths here, super
important to breathe, it’s not easy but nice conscious breaths it’s why we’re here and it’s
what supports the practice. So gentle rocks now, front to back, just stretching through the arms, noticing if you’re really
heavy on your hands if you can find that resistance pressing away from your yoga mat creating a nice long line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. Cool. Then keep the knees where they are. Bring the right hand to
the center and inhale. Left fingertips up towards the sky. Now you might not make it
all the way here at first, in fact, you might be here or even here depending on the tightness in the body so just be where you are here today. Knee to your edge as you inhale, exhale, release. Inhale, open. Moving with the breath, exhale, release. Maybe left fingertips come underneath and we inhale, open. Exhale, release and one
more time. You got it. Inhale, press away from your yoga mat. Grow nice and tall, long in the neck and exhale, release. Great. Switch. Left hand to the center line. Again, super important
not to collapse here. Keep that length, that space, and that broadness in the upper body and when you’re ready, inhale, reach the right arm up. Just see how far you can go on this side. And then exhale, release. Inhale. Exhale. Keep it going. Inhale, nice awareness through
the fingertips here. Notice if the toes again are
coming in or splaying out, nice conscious footing. Inhale, lift. Open, exhale, soften back to center. Let’s do one more. Inhale, lift, stretch, lengthen. Exhale, release. Awesome. Puppy posture, Adriene’s
all-time favorite, drop the elbows right
underneath the shoulders. Find this tilt in the pelvis that feels so good to do in public place. Free yourself. Press into the base of the palms here and then without bringing
the knees in or out I’m going to walk them
back, nice straight line. So I create kind of a
slip-n-slide in the spine here. I rock the pelvis up towards the sky and maybe the forehead comes to the mat. Three nice long full deep
breaths here, my friends, stretching through the shoulders finding space and length in the side body and again, this beautiful
tilt in the pelvis. Find what feels good here, one more deep breath, you got it. And press into all ten knuckles, begin to look forward
nice and slow, my friends. Nice and easy, I’m going
to come on to the belly. Oh yeah. Great, toes still pointing straight out. Nice conscious footing. Press into the tops of the feet, press into the pubic bone and let’s grow tall from here. Sphinx pose. So take a second to just notice the bones. Press in all ten knuckles. And as if you were trying
to tear your yoga mat in half left to right,
really engaged foundation. And don’t stop there, keep breathing. Nice long smooth deep breaths. If you notice that you’re clenching in the brows or in the jaw, soften, find a sense of calm here as you engage. Pressing into the elbows again, pressing into the pubic bone. Just a little advanced tip here. It’s just careful, notice if you’re clenching in your buttocks, see if you can soften through the buttocks while still engaging the earth. Okay, couple more breaths here. I invite you to close your eyes, see this beautiful line from the crown of the head
to the tip of the tailbone. Arms are working hard here,
yes, but we’re engaged, alignment great and beautiful. One more breath. And we use the exhale
to release everything. Oh yeah. Palms underneath the shoulders, we curl the toes under, we press back up to all fours, walk the knees underneath the hip points, find your alignment again, how fast can we get there, so we’re not rushing but
we are bringing our tension always to the foundation,
working from the ground up so that when we’re in the pose we can find what feels
good and feel alive. Cat cow, here we go. Chin to chest, navel draws up, press into your foundation, then inhale, drop the belly, stretching through the front body, heart radiates forward. Exhale, curling up through the tailbone, traveling up the spine til the crown of the head has to release. And then inhaling, opposite direction. Alright, I invite you
to close your eyes here. Trust, couple more. Moving with your breath. Awesome. We’ll come back to center. Awesome work everyone. Walk the palms slightly forward. Draw the shoulders away from the ears. Curl the toes under and then send the hips up high,
downward facing dog. Begin to peddle through the feet, stretch through the legs, press into all ten knuckles firmly especially the index finger and thumb. Not going to be here long. Breathe deep, you’ve got it. Your first inversion of the day or maybe of your whole life. Keep breathing. And then we’ll come back to all fours. Great. Sit back on the heels and flip the palms up, take a rest. Find a lift in the heart. If sitting on the knees
is not available to you just go side saddle. And just letting the blood
flow, opposite direction. Sticking with your breath today. Awesome. Then we’ll
come back to all fours. Feel free to give a little
rotating of the wrists here if that feels good. Then I’m going to send my right
leg out long when I arrive, turn the toes down, work
at squaring the hips, this is something we do
a lot in our practice especially these kind of flowy practices. So here’s a nice low place to practice squaring the hips, dropping
the right butt cheek in line with the left. Press away from your
yoga mat, one more breath then we’ll slowly hug the right knee all the way up and in for a lunge. Take your time getting there, no rush. Left knee stays on the earth today. We press into the top of the left foot and we become light on the fingertips. So you might widen your
stance a little here, you might pull the right hip crease back, stack front knee over that front ankle and then everyone inhale, lift your heart. Exhale, plant the palms,
come back to all fours and we’re going to switch,
sending the left toes out. Same thing here, work on
leveling that left buttock. Notice what’s going on in your palms. Are you collapsing all your
weight into the right palm? Can we shift to the left to find that hugging of the lower ribs up and then we’ll send the left
knee up and in to our lunge. Stay on the right knee
here, find your alignment, lots of mindfulness of the
fingertips and toes today. Find your breath as you stretch and lengthen up through the crown. Light on the fingertips here,
we’ll take one more breath. Awesome. Then plant the palms, we’re going to step the left toes back, lift the left knee, lift the right knee, come to a plank position, press away from your yoga mat here, don’t panic, spike your heels toward the back edge, create one nice long line from the crown of the head
all the way to the heels so we might play with that by walking the two big toes together. One more breath here, you got it. Then exhale, lower the knees, send the hips back, child’s pose. We can swim the fingertips
all the way around to the back edge of the
mat and take a rest. Enjoy, again, that little
relationship with gravitiy here as the shoulders round forward, we breathe into the back body. Just do your best, nice conscious breaths. And slowly we’ll reach the
fingertips towards the front, slowly lift the head,
the heart, the shoulders, all the way back up to all fours. Awesome. Walk the knees out underneath the hip points once again. And we’ll spread the
fingertips super wide, curl the toes under and lift
up, downward facing dog. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Man, it smells so good out here. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Great, and we’ll slowly
lower back to the knees. So, if you’re new to the practice and you want to play with
strengthening the wrists and stuff we have a lot of options here. Of course we have the fists,
we have fists and thumbs, but really guys, the main
thing is just awareness. You might be rolling on the
outer edges of your hands here, see if you can press into
the index finger and thumb and then just notice what’s
going on in the shoulders, it’s all connected, so
if you’re collapsing all your weight in here it’s going to start hurting the wrists
so lift your heart, create space between
the ears and shoulders, let’s keep going, inhale, right toes out, level the hips, deep breath in, exhale, squeeze the right knee all the way up and in towards your heart. Step it up into your lunge. Okay, this time we’re going
to turn the right toes out just a little bit and come
up on to the left fingertips. Okay, if you want a little more, this is supposed to be a gentle practice, but if you want a little more you can lift that back knee and maybe just lift it for a
breath or two to experiment. Okay, here we go. Inhale, I’m going to open up through
the right fingertips, breathe, breathe, breathe. Keep breathing here, see if you can create a slide back in a lift in the heart here,
lift your chin, inhale, exhale, back to center. Awesome. Slowly sending the hips back, maybe walking the right
heel in just a hair. Nice. Runner’s stretch here, flex the right toes up towards the sky, we’re
not going to be here long so take one more deep
breath in, exhale, bow, nose towards the knee, and we’ll
roll through the right foot come back to all fours. Yay, so find your tabletop
position, deep breath in, long breath out, inhale, send the left toes out, level the hips, work to play here, just notice where your weight is going. Hug the lower ribs in and
we’ll squeeze the left knee up and in towards the heart. Step it up into your
lunge and same thing here. Maybe you lift that back
foot just for a hair or maybe not, don’t lift your
back foot, your back knee. And then here we go, coming on to the right fingertips this time. Just so I’m not crashing in, but just to help us work on that and then maybe turning the left toes out as I inhale, open left
fingertips towards the sky. So this option here to
play, to lift the chin to find a little back
fin here, do your best. Stick with your breath. And inhale in, using exhale
to bring it back to center. Walk the left heel in and
we’ll send the hips back, flexing the left toes up towards the sky. Inhale, find length, exhale, nose to knee. Inhale, rolling through the foot. Awesome everyone. Plant the palms. Left knee comes back to meet the right. We walk the knees together, we tuck the pelvis in, we come
to a little half plank here. As you inhale gaze forward, exhale lower all the way onto the belly. Release the seat down, inhale, cobra. Exhale and release. Curl the toes under, lift up, extending childs pose this time, knees nice and wide, heart melts to the earth. Close your eyes. Think about why you showed
up on your mat today. And slowly press into the fingertips, come back to all fours,
walk the knees to center, side saddle, legs to one
side, come onto your seat. This cross-legged position here, right hand to left knee,
left fingertips behind. Inhale, lift and lengthen, exhale, twist. Careful not to muscle
through anything here. Keep it nice and soft and easy. Inhale, lift and lengthen,
moving with the breath. Exhale, twist, close your eyes for one last breath cycle here. And then we’ll do the same
thing on the other side. Left palm to right knee,
right fingertips behind. Three breaths in your own time. Maybe close your eyes already here. Inhaling as you lift up
through the center channel, and exhaling, using that exhale to twist. Gently release, back to center, and we’re going to come
to lie flat on our backs. And then inhale, reach
the arms all the way up and overhead, full body stretch here, last leg of our practice
here. Make it count. Stick with your breath. One more inhaling, maybe press into the heels and then exhale, hug
the knees into the chest one at a time, wrap the
arms around the shins, tailbone scoops up and the lower back becomes super flush with the mat. It should feel really
good, nice and supportive. And a simple twist, inhaling, squeezing the right knee up and in towards your heart, exhale, send the left leg out long. Enjoy the stretch here for one big breath. And then use your exhale to
take it over into the twist, right leg goes to the left and we open right arm to the right. You can hook the right foot here behind the left thigh,
breathe deeply, my friends. So good for the body. One more breath. Use your exhale to come back to center. Squeeze the right knee
in and then we switch. Left knee up, right leg out. Connect to your breath, inhale, exhale, guiding the left
knee over towards the right opening up through the
left arm here. Breathe. Nice long smooth deep breaths. Nourishing the systems. Filling the lungs as you inhale in, and then use the exhale to come back to center, nice and easy. Sole of the left foot to the ground, we’re going to lift the right knee, sole of the right foot to the ground. I’m going to walk my heels
in towards my fingertips here and then gently crawl the shoulder blades, kind of shimmy them underneath the chest. Press into the palms firmly. Inhale, begin to slowly
lift the hip points up. This is your back bend for today. Just experimenting, it
could stay nice and low coming into bridge as we press in all four corners of the feet, toes stay pointing forward. Little bit of energy
between the thighs, heyo! And then we slowly
continue the journey up. Breathe deep here. Hip bones reaching energetically towards the backs of the knees. Last but not least, my friends, we lift the chest and
then we lift the chin. Again, lift the chest, and lift the chin. One more breath. Lift
the chest, lift the chin and then slow controlled movements as we release everything back down. Awesome, everyone. Happy baby as we reach towards the outer edges of the feet, you can also grab the big toes here or the end of your pantaloons. Take a second, soles of the
feet go up towards the sky, close your eyes and
imagine yourself as a baby. Alright, we’ve all been there. A little child-like energy, just notice how it makes you feel, find a nice deep breath here, find any movement that feels good whether it’s straightening one leg out, you may bring one heel in, or maybe just gently rocking side to side. Cool. Then we’ll gently release. Keep the soles of the
feet reaching together, knees wide, supdavadakanasa in here, lower back lifts up and
the hands come to rest gently on the rib cage. Close your eyes, again a little dance with gravity here opens the hips. You’re going to use your breath to… well, I was going to say to nurture, but to energize, to fill with gratitude. You use your breath to serve you, to calm you, to focus you. So we’ll end today with
some conscious breath. Maybe you practice belly breathing, inhaling belly lifts, naval rises. Exhale, it falls. Maybe you just honor and listen to the natural
rhythm of your breath today. That natural ebb and flow. Close the eyes, soften
through the jaw, relax. And the mantra I like to share here and that I like to practice is Allow, Release, and Let Go. So you can say that
quietly to yourself here. Allow, release, and let go. And gently open up through the arms, palms up towards the sky. Gently slide the right leg out long, followed by the left. Take a second here to
windshield wiper the toes, a little back and forth, back and forth. And we’ll take one final
breath in together. Inhale in, exhale, let
it out through the mouth. If time allows, stay here
for a couple minutes. And if you have to boogie,
let’s take one final moment here to give thanks for your body and your
breath, for your practice. Thanks for showing up today, everyone. Lots of love. Namaste.