Did My better Half Seriously, not Know !! 25 November ??  Spread love not hate

Did My better Half Seriously, not Know !! 25 November ?? Spread love not hate

hello everyone! thank you so much for supporting the statement, I have made in my earlier videos It induces the feeling of being around like minded people and I am very happy Today, in this video let me answer some questions Did she not know what day was 25th November ? i Tried asking her if she knew or not ? she replied she knew i asked what it was but then she didn’t reply some Question such as What is my name etc were asked what is her name ? what do we do for a living etc. people who have followed us from our 1000 sub. might already know let me introduce, for our new friends who are new to our channel my name is KEISAM PAHTEN And My better half is Chinglembi She is A dental Doctor And I work as a civil Engineer in PHED What’s wrong with her? Tamoyai ( younger brother ) is this a teddy bear Now , reached – Kitchen Our A.C. kitchen is no more A.C. ( According to condition ) now as we have installed doors and windows one of the brother asked in the comment section , “how many members in our family ?” who is our mom and dad? etc further added why am i not showing them in our video ? my mom and dad we are a 6 member family Today we are going to prepare YONGCHAK MAPAN ERONBA this are the ingredients for “yongchak mapan eronba” Yongchak mapan, fish, chili , potato etc look at this , ” KING CHILI” this is my favourite part chopping veg. using chopping board