Crazy 5 Minute Cardio Workout – KEEP YOUR MUSCLE!

It’s Black Friday. You think the challenge of getting ahold of
one of those blockbuster deals is hard, wait until you see what I have in store for you
today with our Black Friday Workout. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. I hope if you had Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday
that you enjoyed it, but it’s time to get back to work today. And today, as you might know, here is Black
Friday. And the challenge that guys face, or whoever
it is that are jumping in line trying to get ahold of those doorbuster deals, as I said,
is nothing compared to what we are going to put you through here physically. And I’m going to show you why. Because what we do is, we incorporate challenges
into the workouts that we do at AthleanX. What do I mean by challenges? I mean by actually giving you goals, by giving
you rep goals with time in order to be able to know that you have accomplished something,
but more importantly, to see how you measure up against the best in the world. To see how you measure up against yourself
and others like yourself, but also against the best in the world. Because if you want to be the best that you
can be, you should always try to shoot to be better than you are now. And that’s the whole essence of AthleanX,
and why when guys follow workouts like this, STEP-BY-STEP at AthleanX, that they get the
results that they do. So, let’s take a look at just one example
of the type of stuff that we’re doing in the AthleanX system. 1. We have Burpees. BLACK B-L-A-C-K, Burpees, ok, but we have
25 we gotta’ do in 60 seconds. Ya’ know, pretty attainable. When we start to add these up, it gets much
more difficult. Next we’re going for Line Hop Push-Ups, 25
in 60 seconds. Next, Ab Scissors, we’re going to do them
hanging from a bar, but I want to see if you can last all 60 seconds without dropping. Next, Chin-Ups. 25 in 60 seconds. And then finally, Kettlebell or Dumbbell,
single arm, clean and press, 10 on each arm in 60 seconds. Ok. It’s all about challenging yourself so that
you know that you’re doing well because let me show you a quick example of the difference
when we do the Burpee itself. If I said, ‘Do Burpees for 60 seconds.’ which one is harder? This one? You know, I’ll probably get about 7 out at
that rate. But that’s not how we do it here, and that’s
not how I want you to do it. So, we’re going to start the clock…Burpees. 54 seconds. Now, that’s a lot harder than, as I said going
at your own pace and thinking that you’re going hard. Now you know you are. Next, we have to do Line hop Push-Ups. So, get ourselves in position, pick an imaginary
line on the ground, for me it’s right here, and go over and back. 25. A little break there. 25 seconds. Over to the bar. Guys, when you work out hard, and I always
say you don’t have to work out long, and that’s the point. Kick your ass yourself hard and you’ll get
that intensity and the trade off will be workout length. So now, as I take a minute to catch my breath,
now I’m going to go for my Ab Scissors for 60 seconds. I’m going to put this down on the ground. 60. Not easy guys. Next up. The Chin-Ups. 25 in a minute. Catch my breath. You’ll notice, the
sequencing of these exercises is key. We went from the Burpee which has a lot of
chest involved into another exercise with lateral explosion, upper body. We went from a hanging exercise into another
exercise hanging because we want to add up, in a strategic way, the volume of certain
muscle groups. With 15 seconds to spare. And lastly, into our kettlebell or dumbbell,
clean and press. Now if we want, if you have a kettlebell,
you can do it with a kettlebell. I will demonstrate with a dumbbell since more
of you guys will probably have those. Ok. Last one. Just clean it. Use a hammer curl, set… So, there you have it guys, the Black Friday
Workout. You got another example of what we call Athlean
Burst training, you know, being able to get your stamina going, keep your heart rate up
and at the same time preserve the muscle that you’ve worked so hard in the gym and in your
other workouts building. And that’s the essence of AthleanX. And guys, this is what everybody, as I said
in the beginning, who follows a 90-day program has a step-by-step schedule and the right
sequencing as II said so that you don’t burn out muscles when you’re not trying to, and
do when you are trying to. Ok? You got to have an effort and a purpose, and
AthleanX is all about putting this type of training in your hands with me as your coach
guiding you through. If you like this, guys, head over to
and grab the 90-day training program. In the meantime I think I’m going to take
every bit of the next 7 days to rest up and come back. And next week I have a really cool workout
based on a Men’s Fitness Magazine article that I just wrote. Until then, I’ll see you guys back here in
7 days.