BSOM - Distance Medical Education

BSOM – Distance Medical Education

good evening and welcome to another edition of pirate TV i'm your host Matt gains our special correspondent Alex Adam tonight we have a special story for you many of you know the struggles of students working hard it Brutus and hardly working shany guess we studied for our special correspondent Alex shannon has a report free tonight I'm going to take you all to the front lines of medical education distance education medicine what has led you to enroll in distance education program at Brody because I don't have enough space on my phone father loves all those classes and that has really important stuff to do the birds the scary birds of the pond this is not worth it have really important stuff to do I just have stuff to do good dude there's a turtle that lived to be 255 you seen this hey there's any of a cat riding a skateboard hey you see the Steve Smith interview ice up son I sup Sam I've been at Brody all day I'm trying to study it's just really important for me to stay with Cara is really needy I need to wash him and walk him and feed him sometimes it's just nice to be comfortable how do you feel when you have to drive to Brody for a mandatory class I feel so gloomy I feel like they're fishing on my right where's the freedom it's America in America dude the birds Sam wake up we have a mandatory small group today six in the morning dude it's twelve-thirty small group isn't one so do you ever miss seeing people people why would I miss people when I have this lovely girl is oh well that's weird but Karen no not cloud question bro but distance medical education isn't without its own struggles what the crap this is lecture just cut off me you know maybe I should call a doctor door since he gave us his phone number there he is all right dr. door hey it's chris armstrong i'm an m2 you know you don't know me but i was wonder if you could tell me what you said today during class at minutes for through five hello maybe you can just text dr. Baltar oh I'm sure Dino has the number do you think the distance edit program has helped you excel in medical school of course why everybody else is sitting in class I'll do the important stuff is that well I've learned the pathogenesis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy alcohol dehydrogenase rubber myson I mean broke like aside and pravastatin causes rhabdomyolysis I definitely wouldn't had time to learn that if i was at Brody oh thanks for report it sounds like a great idea yeah you know after hearing what everybody had to say it really does sound like a terrific idea well what are we doing here break you're right we should get out of here are you gonna buy my hand oh no no legally and plus have really bad diarrhea